Winter Solstice 2011
Columcille Megalith Park
Winter Solstice Observance 2012
Wake up early and enjoy the Solace on the Solstice...

You are invited to join us on Signal Hill to observe Winter Solstice 2012 at Sunrise.

We will gather at 7:15am, Friday, December 21 to observe the rising of the Sun at 7:22am and Celebrate the season as the time of darkness
Samhuinn_2012 begins to shorten while the time of Light becomes more abudant.

We will meet on Signal Hill, on the rise across from the Chapel, for a time of sharing Joy of the Season and the knowing of the ever increasing Light.

We hope to see you there.

Columcille Megalith Park
2155 Fox Gap Road
Bangor, Pa 18013