Sunrise, Oak Ridges Moraine/Greenbelt

I was honoured to receive the 2019 York Region Sustainability Award for a lifetime of outstanding commitment to sustainability. It looks like the job is not over by a long shot. YREA incorporated in 2002 with a goal of raising awareness of the hazards of lawn chemicals and advocated for a ban on their use. Yet we find ourselves revisiting this issue again 17 years later as pesticides now impact the demise of pollinators, contaminate our bodies, food, air, soil, rivers, lakes and drinking water and the bodies of wildlife. YREA's 2020 vision is to promote local organic food and agriculture and advocate for pesticide reductions in our environment as one of the many solutions needed to address the challenges we face.
On a walk to my community centre while gazing at the vast parking lot I suddenly asked myself, what if all the parking lots at all our libraries, shopping malls and community centres were shaded by solar panels ? This would take municipal commitment but let’s be forward thinking enough to at least try such a pilot project. Better than modular nuclear reactors cropping up everywhere don’t you think? Who will be the first to take up this challenge I wonder?
If we collaborate on solutions to address climate change we can remain hopeful for the future and trust that the conscious efforts and choices we make will be in the best interest of generations to come and the Earth we call home.  As the days begin to lengthen, all of use at YREA send our very best wishes for a greener, healthier time to come while we continue to work to those ends.

Gloria Marsh, Executive Director
A special thank you to all our supporters, especially those who have stood with us over the years. We couldn't have done it without.
Our annual green tip reminder for holiday gifting - instead of buying stuff that will soon end up in a landfill, provide someone with a local job by buying a service like a car tune-up, haircut or therapeutic massage; what about weekend getaways, tickets to plays, concerts or sporting events?; admissions to art galleries, shows, swimming, skating, movies & museums; restaurant or grocery vouchers; memberships in naturalists clubs or conservation organizations; fees for classes in dance, exercise or marital arts? Or buy fair trade or locally made consumables such as Ontario wine, beer, honey & cheeses. Great garbage free choices. 

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