When the sun never rose and the moon never set - Nunavut
As the darkest night will soon give way to lengthening days, let us cast aside thoughts of ecophobia and instead embrace the year ahead with hopefulness. Yes, our actions can have either a positive or negative impact on the planet, but every single one of us has the power to make positive choices for the betterment of the Earth we call home. Let's do it! Best wishes from all of us at York Region Environmental Alliance for greener, healthier, more sustainable times to come as we work to achieve these goals.
Thank you to all our donors for your continued generosity. We couldn't accomplish what we do without it.
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Here are some greener tips for holiday gifting - instead of buying stuff that will soon end up in landfill, provide someone with a local job by buying a service like a car tune-up, haircut or therapeutic massage; what about weekend getaways, tickets to plays, concerts or sporting events; admissions to art galleries, shows & museums; restaurant or grocery vouchers; memberships in naturalists clubs or conservation organizations; fees for classes in dance, exercise or marital arts? Or buy locally made consumables such as Ontario wine, honey, chocolates & cheeses. Good choices with a lot less garbage in 6 months.
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