Solstice sunrise on the Greenbelt, Oak Ridges, Ontario
Hi there,

As lengthening days will soon be upon us, how can we approach 2019 with the required resolve to overcome the hurdles of 2018?
·     A year when people at the lowest income level were given a glimmer of hope, then that hope snatched away to give a corporation a tax break they don't need, who in turn plan to close down operations because they have not had the foresight to adapt to changing needs.
·     A year when Ontario's leadership has cut oversight offices for the environment, youth advocacy, francophone services and more.
·     A year when preserving the environmental, social and economic viability of the Greenbelt is now considered so much red tape to be dispensed with on the whim of shortsighted municipal politicians.
·     A year when most countries, including Canada, lag behind in meeting their emission reduction targets.

It will come down to enlightened political leadership , NGOs and individuals to redress our dire situation. At a tourism on the Greenbelt meeting I asked Tony Clement (then Environment Minister in the Harris government) what about Foodland Ontario? He said 'there ain't gonna be a Foodland Ontario'. Then two people who lived in an apartment in BC published The 100 mile diet book - a major game changer that resulted in the local food revolution. If two individuals can accomplish such a transformation, what can the rest of us do?

Let's look forward with optimism to a greener planet in 2019, as we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint.
Gloria Marsh, Executive Director
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