Harp Store Message: mid-December 2020
Playing a Solstice Celebration? Just a few suggestions from our extensive inventory:

Christmas Eve Book, arrangements by Sunita Staneslow

Christmas Day, arrangements by Sunita Staneslow
(contains Celtic melodies)

A Carol Collection, arrangements by Mary Radspinner
(Huron Indian, Breton, Boar's Head, Wexford, Cherry Tree,
Sussex Mummers')

Amid the Winter's Snow, arrangements by Suzanne Guldimann

Cold December Wind, arrangements by Suzanne Guldimann
more arrangements by Suzanne Guldimann HERE

Appalachian Christmas, arrangements by Thom Dutton

Celtic Christmas, arrangements by Thom Dutton et al
Among the tunes from Scotland: Hark the Bonny Christ Church Bells, Taladh Chriosta, Suid Leinibh, and Duan Nollaig. From Ireland: Wexford Carol, Oiche Nollaig, Tra Va Ruggit Creest, and Wren Song. From Cornwall: Sans Day Carol, more.

Celtic Christmas, arrangements by Kim Robertson

Christmas Lullaby 1 and 2 by Kim Robertson
1: digital | paper
2: digital | paper

Christ Child's Lullaby, arrangement by Danielle Harmon

Wexford Carol with Slane (pedal) - Danielle Harmon

Christmas Gifts by Jo Morrison

On a Celtic Winter Wind by Shari Sarazin
Winter's Dream by Shari Sarazin

Lovely is the Dark Blue Sky harp/flute arr Joyce Weaver

There are so many more!
(check the ensemble categories, too)

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Have a Safe and Blessed December.