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Summer Solstice Blessings

Painting by my friend, Wendy Andrew, of Wiltshire, England
Sarah's Report from Glastonbury
Recorded Call
GLASTONBURY, Heart Chakra Center
September 7 - 15, 2014
September 2 - 7, 2014

This is what Sarah (our guide for the walking pilgrimage) has to say about Glastonbury, where she has been for these past few days:

Walking through the misty marshes and flats of the Levels is magical and deserves a day to itself, especially as we approach Wearyall Hill and the town of Glastonbury. My companion and I walked along reed beds and marshes graced by elegant swans as we approached Glastonbury, with the Tor in our sight and Wearyall Hill getting closer with every step. We climbed up the hill as our last rite of passage for the day and found the legendary Thorn Tree, planted by Joseph of Arimethea. It was magical to be there at sunset, with the Tor rising out of the landscape into the rose colored sky.  

One has to actually experience being here to fully appreciate the beauty, richness, the legends and the energy.  I must add that to actually walk these powerful Earth lines, into the sacred place of Glastonbury, deepens one's receptivity and awareness of the magic and mystical energies that are so prevalent here. To walk 6 days, or 1 day, will serve to deeply connect you, your body, and and your inner being to this land and its mystical energies and magical stories. My revelation is that by walking the land, you experience it all - the people, the places and the legends -with an open and deep receptivity that only invites more and more magic, synchronicity and connection to show up!  

We had another great call, full of new information about our Journey to Glastonbury. If you missed it, please listen to the recording, HERE.
People are signing up from around the world and it will be a lovely group. Please consider joining us, soon, as we only have 12 places and they are filling up, fast. 
Register Here Today with a $500.00 deposit to hold your space.

We have a few spots left! 
More info: 720-217-1829

 The Children say THANK YOU!

Picture, below, sent by the Principal. It is of a school ceremony. 

Thank you!! We have been able to collect the first $1,000.00 and send it to the adorable elementary school children in Bhutan. Now they will have lunch for a few months, which will help them to get through the school day without being hungry! I am proud to be a part of such a giving community. 


Our goal is still short $9,000.00. We appreciate your help! If others would like to donate, please see below.


Please donate HERE.

Click on where it says Donate (right hand side) and then where it says PURPOSE, put: Bhutan School.  THANK YOU!!  


Wolathang Dreams
Wolathang Dreams of Sustainability

If you are interested in making a donation (every tiny bit helps a lot) this is the easiest way to do it: Go to the website of the nonprofit that we are running our funds through:  
Click on where it says Donate (right hand side) and then where it says PURPOSE, put: Bhutan School. 
It is a 100% tax deductible donation!! 
And 100% of your donation goes directly to the children.
Or, you could send a check to:
Helping Hands Health Education
948 Pearl ST, Boulder, Colorado, USA 80302
MEMO: Bhutan School

New FULL Itinerary 


Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley: Oct 25 - Nov 2.

Extension to Lake Titicaca Nov 2 - Nov 7

Extension to Tiwanaku: Nov 7 - Nov 10


October 25, 2014 Saturday:

Fly to Lima.

Peru, Sacred Valley section of the trip: 

Sunday, Oct 26 - Sunday, Nov 2, 2014.



During these 8 days we will explore the ancient Crystal City of Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, with its  95 places of power, the Solar City of Cusco, considered the navel of ancient civilization in the Andes and the sacred Temples in and around all these areas. We will have guided tours, ceremonies, with both private time and meditation time. We will be with the local people and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.


November 2, Sunday: 

Today, you can opt to leave for home by flying out of Cusco, to Lima and home that night. Or you can come on the extension to Lake Titicaca, considered the womb of Mother Earth and the seat of the feminine polarity of the planet.  If you chose to continue with us, we will leave Cusco by bus in the morning, arriving in Chucuito on the shores of Lake Titicaca in the late afternoon, after driving through the High Plateau, called the grandest natural altar on planet Earth. We will stop at wonderful places along the way.


Lake Titicaca Extension: Nov 2, Sunday - Nov 7, Friday.

During this week, we will visit the Uros Islands, Amantani

Island, the Amaru Portal, Copacabana, The Islands of the Sun and Moon... some of the most sacred places in the Andes. We will spend a few nights out on the islands with the villagers where there is no electricity, just the sacred lake, the mountains and the amazing sky! On Lake Titicaca we will have special ceremonies and fall in love with the energy of the sacred islands and the Lake Titicaca.



November 7, Friday: Today you can leave from Copacabana for the airport in Juliaca, fly to Lima and home that night; or you can continue on to the Tiawanaku extension with us.


Nov 7, Friday - Nov 10, Monday: Extension to Tiawanaku.

It is silly to be in Bolivia without visiting the amazing site of Tiawanaku. So we are offering a short extension for those who cannot resist the opportunity. We will stay one night in La Paz, the City of Peace and 2 nights in Tiawanaku, visiting the ancient Temples and even a Holy Spring there. On the Nov 10, we will leave for Juliaca, fly to Lima, then catch the evening flt home.


To Read the full itinerary, Please click HERE

Please call if you have any questions: 720-217-1829.





Essential Fatty Acids from Plants
Prove to be Superior!

Proven Facts About Essential Fatty Acids:

1) We definitely need Essential Fatty Acids to supplement our diet every day.

2) Unless you are consuming fresh daily, cold pressed oils, this is the process that your oil goes through before you put it in your mouth:
Start with seeds, nuts, corn or 
beans/ wash/ squash or mash/ solvent soak(hydrocarbon solvent)/ remove solids (boil off at approx 300 degrees F)/ mix with water to separate gum/spin to remove gum/ add alkali (like lye, used in drain cleaner) and mix well/ spin to remove particles/ bleach at 230 degrees F/ filter/ steam treat at 450 degrees and vacuum/ chill and filter/ add preservatives and antifoam agent (silicone)/ package. This type of oil is hidden in many of our products, like crackers, spreads, and 6,000 others. The only way to get this stuff out of your body is with good oils!! Drinking water will not get rid of these oils!
3) Fish oil is proving to actually be detrimental to our health! Based on documented research by many medical researchers, FISH OIL EITHER FAILS TO HELP OR WORSENS THE FOLLOWING:
Alzheimers, Macular degeneration, colon cancer, immune system disorders, skin cancer, cardiovascular disease, Blood sugar levels--increasing insulin resistance and blood glucose levels, incessant 
hunger--contributing to the obesity epidemic, Athletic performance issues, Platelet movement in patients with existing vascular disease, abnormal heart rhythm, Inflammation, Depression, Chemotherapy ineffectiveness, and more!
So, if we need Essential Fatty Acids, where do we get them, so that we benefit and become healthier? We get them from plants! One easy way to do this, is to take SOUL.


1) The highest rated ORAC properties (antioxidants) ever measured by Brunswick Labs, who tests 1,000's of products.


2) The absolute best and highest quality of Essential Fatty Acids available on the market today, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, all naturally balanced, derived from cold pressed organic, non GMO seeds. THREE fresh servings in each package.


3) The most effective anti-inflammatory product, containing 50% Black seed. The anti-inflammatory effectiveness of Black seed has been proven by medical researchers (it is 281 X more effective than aspirin) hundreds of times. Check it out for yourself:  Just type in Black cumin seed.


All this and more in 1 SIMPLE PACKAGE!! 

 What is the product?? 


 It is called SOUL by RAIN,INTL... 

It is all you need for your wellbeing!!!


  Call with questions. 720-217-1829.

Angel Message for JUNE 2014
Through Lee Cook

Beloved Ones,
The  Universe is always in motion, always "breathing" , always flowing.  Planets move in the heavens, new stars are born, others become comets of light streaking through the sky.

Even the tall trees which seem to be standing in one place, have their roots stretching out under the earth with their leaves spreading towards the sky, always in motion.

As you are resting or deep in slumber,  your heart is beating, your blood is flowing, your cells are refreshing themselves, new ones are being formed, others fading away.

The mind and consciousness learn and expand, growing and developing through contact with new forms and avenues of expression.

To be at peace within oneself, is to invite in change and movement.

Allow your breath to be a constant reminder to breathe in blessings of peace and calm, joy and love with change.

Some may have difficulty embracing change and movement, yet that is the constant truth of  the natural order of the Universe. Allow each breath to be a fresh opportunity to begin again. 

Thank You, Until Next Time


 I am the fire that clears away the Old.

 I am the Holy Light that guides you to your  Soul.

 I am the Flame of Love for which you    yearn.

 I am the Sun that will always return.


 ~ Celtic poem for the Summer Solstice



                Stonehenge at Dawn

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