April 2018

We kick off our April issue by looking at the correlation between your sales methodology and your product management philosophy. 

We also discuss the most critical perspective on creating a great customer experience, a requirements food analogy and selling products you don't have.

Enjoy our April issue.

In This Issue
  • Solution Selling vs. Aspirational Selling: Mirror Image of Product Management?
  • Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
  • Selling Products You Don't Have and Why It's Easier
  • Strategic and Tactical Requirements: Spaghetti or Layer Cake?
Solution Selling vs. Aspirational Selling
Is It a Mirror Image of Product Management?
Solution selling is like vanilla ice cream. Everyone knows what it is - it's simple and meets the most basic criteria for a dessert.  Here's the thing: if you and all of your competitors are using the vanilla ice cream approach to selling, you're missing an opportunity to showcase your unique value and improve win rates. Is it time for a more interesting and unique flavor of selling - or is it time for a more tantalizing flavor of  product management  to differentiate the way you sell?

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience
Sometimes You Just Have to be the Customer Yourself!
It's the little things that matter most when it comes to raising the customer experience from good to great. Sometimes there's no substitute for just being "the customer" yourself.

What might you uncover?

It's Much Bigger Than Market Problems!

There's something much bigger and more important to your target customers than their  problems . It's their business goals - strategic, operational and tactical business goals.

That's what separates Proficientz from all other product management and product marketing training programs. When the customers' goals are the focal point, the biggest obstacles are obvious. It's a can't-miss approach to delivering, marketing and selling greater strategic value.

Schedule your personalized onsite workshop and learn the market's simplest Product Management Framework for growth.
In the Trenches!

Selling Products You Don't Have: Why It's Easier!

Why does it seem like it's easier to sell products we don't have?
The Playbook
Strategic & Tactical Requirements: Spaghetti or Layer Cake?

When you combine strategic and tactical requirements, you can end up with a bowl of spaghetti or a layer cake. The layer cake approach makes the relationship between strategic and tactical requirements simple for everyone to understand and, believe it or not, a more appetizing dish for the masses. 
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