May 2018
We are data driven strategists helping companies, communities and organizations, large and small, urban and rural, achieve success.
We offer location advisory services, analytical research, industry targeting, strategic planning and organizational assessments with a wealth of expertise to companies, communities, and organizations globally. We are based in Atlanta, GA with representative offices in Europe (Berlin), Asia (Seoul), and North Carolina.
"Working with Primus and Garner Economics have proven to be extremely efficient and a valuable asset to our organization. Primus/Garner provided critical documents in an organized, timely manner, while meeting key milestones and benchmarks throughout the process. As a result of the Primus/Garner Economics certification process, we were successful in the recruitment of our first food-related manufacturing operation within 1 year of certification. The company has announced the construction of a 100,000 sf facility to commence this fall (2016)."

Robert A. Swales, CEO
Clearly Ahead Economic Development,
Clearfield, PA


Is Manufacturing Really Back?
Top Counties in the U.S. for Manufacturing
Yes... but.  In this white paper that our director of research
Jay Garner,
Cyndi Dancy has prepared, it's evident that manufacturing is on the rebound adding 916,000 jobs since 2013.  More manufacturing jobs will be created in the U.S. over the next several years for a variety of reasons: our trade policies are evolving from free trade to fair trade, thus forcing some foreign companies to operate facilities in the U.S. to prevent tariffs and embargoes on their products they wish to sell in the U.S., a very strong and robust U.S. economy with significant consumer spending, changes in our U.S. tax code which now incentivizes companies to invest in the U.S. rather than abroad (this includes the repatriation of profits from abroad), regulatory reform, and, a politically stable government that assures investors of less risk than many other countries. What can wreak havoc in this manufacturing resurgence?  In one word -  workforce.  Talent attraction, retention and skills development are the number one consideration that most companies are concerned about today. 

With 3,141 counties in the U.S., not all are created equal. Read more about manufacturing in the U.S. and see where your county ranks by clicking here.

See you on the road!
If the F&B sector is an industry target for  your region, then take a look at how a certified F&B site may be of value to you.  
Primus Builders and Garner Economics have partnered to create one of the most extensive certification initiatives in the economic development arena for the food/beverage (F&B) industry. Our goal is to help communities effectively prepare for attracting F&B projects. Conversely, this expertise and locational knowledge serves our corporate clients in the F&B industry as they have direct access and information on communities that have met the Primus/Garner rigorous F&B review requirements. Learn more about how this process can be of value to you by clicking here
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