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Automation Tools Paired Together Can
Create All of Your Solutions
Advanced Control Solutions created a new demo featuring automation solutions from Cognex (machine vision), Smart Vision Lights (backlight and diffuse lighting), Universal Robots (collaborative robot), Robotiq (vacuum gripper on robot), and 80/20 (framing).
In the first video, a medicine blister pack is being picked and placed. In the second video, a box is being picked and placed. The pick & place actions are in correlation with the objects being passed or failed by the machine vision.

Be sure to look out for the demo at trade shows and events near you!
Inspect, Identify, & Guide Parts
with Advanced Vision Tools
Featured on the ACS demo above, these Cognex machine vision tools are unmatched in their ability to inspect, identify and guide parts. These self-contained, industrial-grade vision systems combine a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing.
On the demo, the Cognex machine vision provides an incredibly high-quality image of blisterpacks and labels, where the camera inspects 1D & 2D barcodes for presence/absence.
The In-Sight 9902L Line Scan is what detects pill presence in the blister pack, in the demo.
The 9902L Line Scan vision system is a self-contained vision system for inspecting large, cylindrical, and continuously moving objects.
The In-Sight 7905 is what detects the backlit blisters on the blisterpack in the demo.
The 7905 is a rugged, industrial camera for high performance machine vision applications.
The In-Sight 9912 vision system is what detects box labels in the demo.
The 9912 is a rugged, ultra-high-resolution, standalone smart camera for detailed inspections and measurements.
High-Brightness LED Lights
for Industrial Applications
Seen on the ACS demo above, Smart Vision Lights is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, including machine vision. 
The TL305 Series light was featured on the demo. It was designed as pharmaceutical blister pack inspection light with a built-in individual On-Axis and Off-Axis intensity control lighting system. Exceptional uniformity and an intense output combined with its design makes the TL305 Series a perfect lighting solution for any inspection of products with a highly reflective finish.
The Standard Operating Backlight (SOBL) series was featured on the demo. Its lights are innovative and highly versatile, with many custom sizes available. It offers backlit LED’s for a more intense and highly diffuse lighting option. Its built-in driver and lack of need for external wiring allow for mounting in tight locations.
A Cobot With the Right End-of-Arm Tooling
Can Handle Nearly Anything
Seen on the ACS demo, the Universal Robots UR5 is a lightweight, adaptable collaborative industrial robot that tackles medium-duty applications with ultimate flexibility.  The UR5e is designed for seamless integration into a wide range of applications.
  • 5kg payload
  • 33.5 inch reach
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to program
  • Fast ROI
Also seen on the ACS demo, the Robotiq e-Pick vacuum gripper can handle a wide range of applications, and a variety of material types. It features:
  • Plug + Play
  • Easy programming
  • Fast installation
  • Full customization
  • Low noise
  • Efficient and easy automation
  • Quick response time
Integrate Your Machinery with
Equipment that Works for You
80/20 T-slot aluminum framing offers durability and strength comparable to steel, but without the corrosive properties and heavy assembly and maintenance costs. 
With an 80/20 machine frame you are no longer confined to prefabricated solutions that often require expensive modifications or cost you valuable floor space. The T-slot system enables you to design custom applications that fit your operations, your workforce, and your goals. For example, design a frame that includes access for maintenance, built-in storage, or integration points for material handling equipment. With the T-slot profiles and parts you can integrate cables, automation components, computer monitors, and safety devices anywhere along the T-slot frame. It’s also simple to make adjustments as you need to move, add, fix, or make changes to the parts. Steel options can’t provide this level of flexibility.
Industry in the Time of Robots
Automation is creating new opportunities for safer, cleaner and more productive work environments. In the face of this change, the primary objective of manufacturers remains the same. They must keep globally competitive by saving time, reducing costs and responding more effectively to customer demands. Mobile robots are already widely used in manufacturing facilities and centers. Here, they can help optimize order picking, cycle counting, and material and product movement. Deploying a new generation of smart autonomous vehicles with sensor technology can provide even further opportunities for optimization.
Dog Spotlight- Meet Timber
Presenting: our fourteenth Dog Spotlight!
If you've visited our Marietta office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We've decided to feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.

What would you like to know about Kristine's dog Timber?

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