AARP, CSCS-NYC, NYSCRC and other aging organizations, such as the Association on Aging in NY, are hosting a series of Caregiver listening sessions in August and September to hear directly how caregivers can be better supported in NY.

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 Solutions for Caregivers Listening Tour
Want to help solve the challenges that face caregivers in New York State?

The caregiver phenomenon is becoming more common as the senior population grows. In 2009, there were 2.8 million caregivers in New York. Do you have an idea of how to better support caregivers or make their work easier? Sign up for the NYS Listening Tour for New York residents who provide services to senior adults in their communities.   

The tour's purpose: to gather insight from families, neighbors, community leaders, elected officials, Area Agencies on Aging, health care professionals, service providers, advocates and anyone else who has experience caring for older adults who need services and supports so they can live independently within the community. The "tour" is being sponsored by AARP, CSCS-NYC and NYSCRC, along with the support of organizations like the
Association on Aging in New York.

Information gathered from people who provide support for older adults in their communities will be shared in a report to New York State lawmakers. 

Click here to register at one of nine different locations and share your experiences and ideas to improve services and supports for caregivers in New York State. 


RSVP to 1-877-926-8300 or click here
Can't make a session and have ideas to share? Write or email: 
99 Washington Ave. 
Albany, New York 12210 
Association on Aging in NY
272 Broadway
Albany, New York 12204