CDC to Purchase Retired Brayton Point Power Station (1600 MW) from Dynegy 

Asset Purchase + Environmental Liability Transfer + Remediation

Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) has agreed to purchase the retired Brayton Point Power Station from Dynegy, Inc. As part of the transaction, CDC will assume responsibility for legacy environmental liabilities associated with the site. 

CDC plans to invest significant resources to reposition the 307-acre retired power plant and develop a market-ready plan to transform the former energy asset for post-coal utilization. 

"When we started this process, we committed to finding a buyer with plans that would benefit the community, and I'm pleased to report that we have honored that commitment. CDC has established a strong track record of repurposing industrial sites that go on to become important contributors to the economic and social fabric of their communities"
-- Peter Ziegler, VP & GM of Dynegy Plant Operations

CDC will now engage in a robust repositioning process which will dramatically transform the waterfront property. Immediately following the ownership transfer, activity is expected to include asbestos abatement, environmental remediation and restoration, and demolition of most of the coal-related infrastructure on the site. 
Throughout this process, CDC will be engaged in a global marketing campaign to find end users who can best utilize the site's unique infrastructure and development potential.   
The 307-acre site at Brayton Point could represent a unique development opportunity in multiple sectors, including offshore wind energy due to the site's pre-existing access to the regional transmission grid. Additionally, the site boasts close proximity to proposed offshore wind tracts, deep water port potential, and access to a highly-skilled workforce in the New England area. 
CDC's purchase of the Brayton Point Power Station represents the Company's fifth retired power plant purchase since 2014. To view our power plant portfolio and acquisition criteria, download ELT's power plant brochure here. 

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CDC Announces Plans to Purchase Brayton Point Power Station (1600 MW)

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