May 2018 
Solve Your Print Management Issues With PRINTLink

Companies often struggle with the following print management issues:
  • Print and procurement costs are spiraling out of control
  • 36% of marketing materials become obsolete before they're used
  • Increased overhead from juggling and sourcing multiple vendors
  • Poor print management resulting in waste and costly rush orders
How can you fix these issues?
PRINT Link is an online print management  and procurement program that allows clients to manage the print process from start to finish -  right from their desktop. Our online clients are streamlining their ordering process, checking  current inventory levels for critical products, improving workflow, instantly viewing proofs of jobs  in production, and checking the status of their orders online.

Our clients also receive valuable inventory usage reports that allow them to make better buying  decisions, helping to reduce print costs, eliminate costly rush orders, and virtually minimize costly  forms obsolescence.

Once you start using our online program, your communication and workflow will be completely  streamlined, allowing you to realize the benefits of reduced procurement costs, faster turnaround  times, improved accuracy, and a much better way to maintain consistency with your corporate  standards.

To determine if your company can benefit from implementing our online program, contact us  today at  (402) 896-9400 or  for a no obligations consultation.

It could be the best decision you make for your company this year.

Is your business marketing balanced? Or are you putting all of your eggs in one basket? While many businesses have preferences for where they like to place their marketing dollars, the truth is that a balanced approach produces the most well-rounded and stable results. That means a healthy mix of digital and print. ..   Read more.
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Drawstring backpacks are an ideal promotional item for schools, sports teams, camps, clubs, and more! Just imagine how many times your company logo or promotional message will be seen with these little backpacks being carried around town all summer.
Direct Mail: Is It Old Fashioned If It Still Works?

Business-to-business marketers, who always benefit from targeting vertical market segments, should have a digital presence on sites where their known prospects visit - but have you looked at the overwhelming and competing messages on these sites lately? It seems you cannot even visit a site without being slapped in the face with an invasive pop-up ad, or flashing banner ad. 

Since 72 percent of Internet users say pop-ups are "very annoying," and 49 percent find banner ads as annoying as pop-ups, your brand could probably benefit from moving into a distraction-free zone - which is what direct mail truly offers.

When direct mail arrives, your recipient must at least touch it - if only for a moment before recycling it - but if you've crafted a targeted and meaningful message, it will get opened. And that's where many marketers fail. They don't truly understand how to craft a direct mail piece that works.

Grabbing someone's attention isn't as simple as mailing a postcard - or a letter in an envelope. Although I've seen both of those tactics work when done intelligently. Three-dimensional packages can be an excellent way to get attention, especially if you're selling something that's expensive and your initial goal is to get an appointment for your sales force.

This is an excerpt of an article originally featured on  Target Marketing

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