~ June 25, 2020  ~
Stanford Social Innovation Review: Dan Heath

From health to climate, customer service and more, our response to problems skews heavily toward reaction rather than prevention. Why, and how can systems be reworked to emphasize, and incentivize, "upstream thinking" that heads off issues before they start? This book excerpt discusses the challenges and opportunities of such an approach. (For more on how this relates to the Covid crisis, see A Conversation with Dan Heath).
Quartz at Work: Lila MacLellan

Who are the "hidden figures" of Black management history, and what lessons do they teach about building a better path forward for capitalism?
The New York Times: David McCabe

"We need to be thinking bigger, bolder": Many jobs won't come back soon, if at all. But what if there is another way? (also see The United States Needs Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Projects)
Behavioral Scientist: Angelica Leigh

"How are you using your privilege to help advance equality in your community, workplace, and other organizations that you are members of?" And what is positive deviance?
Stanford Rebuild is a free global innovation sprint focused on bringing together people from all over the world to accelerate solutions for the wide range of challenges and opportunities we will face as we emerge from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Check out the introductory events with professors, innovators and other experts, and sign up by June 26th for this 8-week guided innovation sprint. Individuals and teams welcome!
Fast Company: Adele Peters

It's time to "do capitalism differently": How can government and business work together to build a more inclusive and sustainable model of growth?
Yale Center for Business and the Environment: Neil Yeoh, Mikaela Bradbury, Jake A. Billhorn, Ben Linthicum, Ben Soltoff, Kathy Julik-Heine

The world needs more and better solutions to the climate crisis. What key factors should investors consider when supporting climate innovations? (also see Green Recovery Fever Spreads around the Globe)
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