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Vol. 1, Issue 2  (January 15/15)
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The Great Canadian Skills Mismatch: People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People and MORE

Dr. Rick Miner, president of Miner and Miner Ltd. a management consulting firm that specializes in issues related to labour force demand, jobs of the future, Human Resource Management and post-secondary education was the keynote speaker at Workforce Planning Hamilton's launch event for the Hire Learning survey, on January 8, 2015.

Referencing his recent research into future skills shortages Dr. Miner noted that an impending workforce crisis can be avoided through a better trained/educated workforce and having more workers and a higher labour force participation rate.

The latter can be accomplished with the increased involvement of specific segments of the Canadian population, such as Immigrants, Aboriginals, Persons with Disabilities, Women, Younger Workers and Older Workers.

Complete the Hire Learning Survey today!

We are at the half way point for the Hire Learning Survey and have a solid response from local employers.  Have your voice heard by completing the survey today! Help us gather reliable information on your workforce needs and to identify trends in our local labour market.  Our community needs to address challenges before they come problems and the Hire Learning survey can make this goal a reality.

Employers!  Thinking of accessing the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG)?

You can apply for Essential Skills training for your employees. The Workplace Essential Skills Toolkit will give you information on Essential Skills and how to:
  • link Essential Skills to your Human Resources practice
  • implement Essential Skills training in your organization
Contact Adult Basic Education Association to learn more! Visit www.workplaceessentialskills.ca today or call 905-527-2222.
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