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Dear generative somatics (gs) community,

As three hurricanes rage across the Caribbean and Southeastern US, it's clear that the communities hit worst by climate disruption must lead the way out of the current extractive economy, toward regenerative economies that foster ecological restoration, community resilience, and social equity. Somatics has vital support to offer our movements, helping us to align around a vision rooted in climate and ecological justice. I am thrilled that this issue area was chosen as one of the Strategic Priorities* that gs will focus on in the years ahead.

Please read reflections about this from me and Ellen Choy at Movement Generation, below.

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Toward a Just Transition --
Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan
Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project
gs Teacher-in Training
* Find out about our 2018-2020 Strategic Priorities in this written summary and this video!
Reflections on Climate Justice and Somatics... 

"At Movement Generation, we see the root of the climate
Michelle in gs Teacher Training, 20
crisis in the severing of people from place: from connection to homelands, each other, and even our own bodies. Colonization and the systems of industrial production require that severing. Those systems cause real trauma to the land and to the people. And as long as that disconnection and severing continues, we'll continue to have the destruction of the places that we live and depend on.

Somatics has been a tool to help me re-connect to and ground in my own heart and instincts, which are making my vision and strategic sense so much more creative and powerful. We need somatics and ancestral traditions to help our peoples develop our capacity to take back agency as we reclaim  self-governance in right relationship with the lands, waters, other communities, and the living world that we depend on."

-- Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan, Movement Generation Staff Collective & Planning Committee Member, and gs-Teacher-in-Training

"Doing climate and ecological justice work is very heavy, very powerful and very transformative work. It pushes us to reconcile with a crisis that is global in scale, and often makes us feel small. It also asks our movements to be really innovative. It's about connecting to land and ancestry and to the communities around us, including all of the complexities that brings. It demands that we understand a deep race, class and gender analysis. It's very important work, but it's also sometimes very challenging.

Ellen leading a Just Transition workshop
Somatics has been important to me, as someone who is organizing in this movement, because it keeps me both grounded and holistically centered within myself. From there, I can move in community. Specifically, I'm thinking about the somatic centering practice. Going into a training, or a direct action, or even just a meeting where we are talking about some of this deep information -
centering has been transformative for me, it's been a game-changer. I am showing up better, I'm communicating better, and I am able to come with more creativity and expansive thinking and organizing. I am so grateful for that practice."

-- Ellen Choy, Movement Generation Staff Collective Member & MG Planning Committee Member

Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. MG is rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color committed to a Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient and life-affirming local economies.
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