As the school year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to share some good news and say thank you.

Thank you to all our teachers, staff and administrators who have navigated uncharted territory and provided a stellar education to our students. Thank you to the Parents Clubs that have provided leadership and raised spirits during the last few months. And THANK YOU to our community that cares and supports public education through advocacy, donations, and volunteering.

The next few days will be filled with celebrations, both in-person and virtual, for our graduates and the end of the school year. Enjoy the celebrations and we'll see you in August!
PEF to grant $3 Million to PUSD for 2020-21
Due to a strong Giving Campaign and a lean expense budget, PEF was able to overcome low fundraising over the past couple months and fund PUSD at the same level as this year.

PUSD had already included most of this grant in their budget for next year, but the additional funds from a successful Giving Campaign will be extremely helpful as the district works to mitigate the effect of the state's budget deficit.

Thank you to all the donors, and to the Grants Committee for recommending the distribution. Read More
Meet PEF's Three New Board Members and our new Executive Committee Members
We are pleased to welcome Amelie Kappes, Emily Harrold, and Rich Thompson to the PEF Board and announce our Executive Committee for 2020-2021. Read More
2020-2021 Education Speaker Series
We are thrilled to announce the start of an excellent lineup for next year’s Educational Speaker Series. We will present webinars in the fall and hope to move back to live speakers in winter and spring. Read More
Support our schools: Donate/Bid Today!
Spring fundraising is online! Support the programs that are vital to our school by donating or bidding in our online auctions (open to everyone).

Help Cheer on our Community!
Join us at 12:00pm on the last day of school, Friday, May 29th , for a community cheer ! Decorate the front of your home in Piedmont purple, stand in your front yard, and make some noise! Let's voice our collective support and thanks to everyone who makes Piedmont education shine.

Download and print our new PIEDMONT PROUD signs and hang them in your windows. Let's show everyone our school pride!

Piedmont Proud: Beach
Piedmont Proud: Havens
Piedmont Proud: Wildwood
Piedmont Proud: Piedmont Middle School
Piedmont Proud: Piedmont High School
Piedmont Proud: Millennium High School