Hey Everyone,

Take a breath, maybe grab a seat and promise to read this in its entirety - this is an action packed update on what to expect about the future of Open Door Studios.

We've signed a lease on our new space so it's finally official 💚 We're excited to let you know that it'll be in the Eastway Crossing Shopping Center at the corner of Eastway Dr. and Central Ave - only 2.5 miles down the road! When we first looked at it there were just pillars and mud but now we have a subfloor! It's not a lot to look at yet but it does mean that we'll be getting brand new EVERYTHING. We're beyond relieved but also excited to keep everyone updated on the progress of our new home. We have a scheduled completion date for mid October but are planning for a Grand Opening on November 1st!
Due to the current financial climate, and the uncertainty of when phase 3 will begin, we’ve decided to terminate our lease on our old home. Our last day will be August 16th. We’ve put together a final week of outdoor classes, complete with individual sprung floors, covered in marley, and socially distanced, to celebrate the last 10 years. Scroll down to see the complete schedule. Friday will include class accompanied by Chen whose offered to play at no cost to us but will bring a tip jar! Right after class is over we're going to have a "Farewell Party" for both students and parents who want to say their final goodbyes to our old space and get a chance to see some familiar faces.

We'll be selling individual pieces of marley for dancing at home - $25 per, while supplies last (exact measurements are TBD). ODS merchandise will also be available on discount! If you want to be involved in anyway to help out with our Farewell Party please reach out by responding to this email saying so - we'd love to have you! (And now lets all collectively pray that the weather cooperates).

A huge thank you to everyone that filled out our first survey a couple weeks ago - it gave us some insights on what we need to plan for our future. As we sat down to crank out that plan we realized there's just a few more things we need to know so PLEASE take the few seconds to fill out this next one. Knowing what numbers to prepare for will greatly influence our decisions on how to handle this transitional time.

We recognize that everyone has personalized struggles and we want to be as flexible as possible to these. All that we ask is for you to be vocal about them and we'll try our best to customize a plan that works best for you. We’re experimenting with several hybrid options for our Fall schedule while we transition and what's most exciting is our chance to partner with other neighborhood organizations in our community! The options below are what was asked for and within our abilities at this time to provide. We're hopeful a mixture of these will keep you and yours dancing with us until we can get into our new home. So please fill out the survey above if you haven't already and let us know what works for you!

  • Prerecorded Classes
  • Live Zoom Classes
  • In-person Outdoor Classes
  • Limited Sized Indoor Classes (when regulations lift)

For those who are struggling financially please don't hesitate to apply for financial aid through our Open Door Dance Foundation. You can apply by clicking here. If you have a student with the time, desire and work ethic to participate in our Work Study Program you can find more information and apply by clicking here.

With Love and Gratitude,

Jacque & ODS Family
Limited Spots Available for In-Studio or you can Zoom from home! We're also accepting requests for drop-ins over Zoom.
Due to the need to control class size for the Parking Lot Classes rosters will be on either the Youth OR Adult Class Schedule. Open Classes are available to Youth Students but you'll need to venture over to the Adult Class Schedule to register. *This schedule runs August 10th-14th.