Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update                    March 2020 Issue 1 
The Bookies Newsletter
COVID-19 and The Bookies Bookstore
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change and evolve, we at The Bookies Bookstore are trying to adjust as well. With that in mind, starting tomorrow, Thursday, March 19th, we will no longer be open to customers coming into our store. We will be operating normal hours, 10:00am-6:00pm, with our phone lines open and our staff able to answer all questions you may have, make recommendations, and continue to do curbside pickup for any phone orders or online orders (through our website at www.thebookies.com ). We are here for you! Whether it be to help you effectively homeschool your children, entertain yourself with the best new books for adults and kids, or to make sure we foster a lifelong love of reading in anyone in your home, even during this trying time. Don't forget we have workbooks, games, puzzles,
activity books and everything else you need to get through this, so check our website or call tomorrow to ask for help. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your families through this crisis.
With all that said, we'll be spending most of this issue offering some suggestions for you to get through what are going to be some very strange days ahead. We also wanted to direct everyone to our Facebook Page, because we have pinned to the top of our page a list of various online resources for parents and caregivers. With that in mind, adult friend, don't leave yourselves out! Make sure and stock up on the best new adult books for this time!  Don't forget we're still offering free shipping the rest of this month. We'll get through this together, we promise!  
What's big right now? Puzzles! Although our big puzzle tournament is now cancelled, we've worked hard to get all of our puzzles up on our website, so we hope you'll check them all out here! Feel free to call us if there is a particular size, theme, or piece count you're looking for.
The Game Board (with Bookie Karla)

Ages 8 & Up

And now, for your in-home entertainment, may we also suggest any selection from our wide assortment of games? (See them all right HERE!) Our featured game this month asks the question: what if checkers and Catan had a baby? KING ME! Each player works to capture all their opponent's checkers and dominate the kingdoms and the board. Visit our website today and check it out for yourself!
Workbooks & You
Something we've always been proud of is our unique and collective knowledge of teaching. Did you know that over 80% of our staff has either taught or worked in education? We're very lucky to have them here to recommend the best workbooks to our customers. Looking for help but not sure where to start? We can guide you to find the best resources to maintain your student's academic level or even move ahead to the next! You can see a small list of the workbooks we have here, and we definitely suggest calling for more information and specific recommendations that will keep your student engaged with learning.

What about THINGS TO DO books? What even are THINGS TO DO books?
And finally, we have a great section called THINGS TO DO books. Looking for activities that encourage kids to visit the back yard? How about nature spotting? Or maybe some brain busters on a snowy day? Our THINGS TO DO books feature these great ideas and so much more. We've made a list for you on our website HERE, so go ahead and check them out!

Fresh Ink
Of course, we will always recommend escaping into a book - it's one of our favorite things to do! Below are our most recent top picks, but if you experience abibliophobia (fear of running out of books to read), give us a call and we'll happily recommend a hundred more! 
This super adorable book is about a little sister going to sleep alone in her room. The only problem? Her room has many uninvited animals. It's beautifully illustrated and has an incredibly sweet message.  
Those Across the River
Buehlman is one of the best horror writers you've never heard of. His debut novel, now in a special paperback, is part Great Gatsby and part Silver Bullet. It's scary, for sure, but so well written you can't help but be engrossed from page one until the end.     
Now this is FUN! Both parents disappear on our heroine, Emily. She and her hedgehog go looking for them after a series of mysterious events occur, and what do they find? A secret London, frozen in the Victorian era, filled with magic and constant night. Already optioned for a film and a full series, this story is one you want to get in on NOW!    
Cassandra Clare returns with a brand new trilogy. A demon hunter must fight to defend her father against accusations of a terrible crime, while dealing with a mother who wants to marry her off. Action, intrigue, and romance await our young adult fans within!     
It's time for Jimmy and Rafe to do some good! A celebration of reading and books is in danger of not happening, but don't worry, they have some help coming. Who? Well, just SOME OF THE BIGGEST CHARACTERS IN ALL OF JAMES PATTERSON'S BOOKS! That's right, Max Einstein, the Treasure Hunters, I Funny, they are all in here! A crossover event not to be missed!  
From Kenneth Oppel, author of INKLING, comes this new series that people are calling 'Hatchet meets Alien'. An invasive species of plant is taking over our world. No land and no person is immune to their deadly toxins... except for our three heroes. Why are they immune, and what can they do to save the world?
Like you, we are disappointed that our puzzle tournament has been delayed. But never fear! Once we know when it will be rescheduled, we will contact all the teams that signed up.