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Happy Tails to Bring You Smiles!
Kobe, one of our long-timers at the Stockton shelter, finally found his family today!

We couldn't understand how this sweet boy kept getting overlooked at the shelter!

He'll be joining his adopter, Shaunda, traveling across states in a semi-truck!

Shaunda submitted an adoption application to us, saying she's been looking for a constant companion to join her on her travels.

"I am in California currently for at least the next two days. I am a semi truck driver and it's just me in my truck," Shaunda said. "I've been looking all over for a companion to take with me. I've had no luck in finding a companion."

Kobe caught her eye - and SSPA knew he could be the perfect fit as he just loves being by his person's side.

Well, today was both of their lucky days, and they're off on a wonderful adventure together!

Sometimes, the stars just seem to align!
We are so thrilled for both Shaunda and Kobe! Congratulations to you both!
Homer, a longtime SSPA foster originally from our time at the Sacramento County shelter, has finally been adopted!

We were shocked that this boy stayed in foster for so long, but we knew his family was out there!

Adopter Debbie said: "Homer seems to be settling in just fine. He's calm and sits on the couch with us, goes outside to do his business, eats and drinks, still likes his treats and sleeps on my bed at night. He wants to be with us all the time and wants to be petted and have his belly rubbed. He's affectionate. He's a sweetheart. I think Homer will fit in just great with our family."

This brings us more joy than we can possibly express! Thank you so much for opening your heart and home to him!
Pebble found her family recently!

This delightful girl, who spent a while with an amazing SSPA foster, is home!

Her foster Sari said it was tough saying goodbye, but "I am so very happy to say she is adopted. This is what it's about!"

She looks so happy in her adoption photo, doesn't she?!

Thank you so much to all involved in ensuring Pebble has a beautiful life!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Help Dog of the Month Tuck Get Home!
SSPA's August Dog of the Month Tuck desperately needs a home!

This beloved boy has been at the shelter for so long without getting noticed and is showing signs of kennel stress. Being cooped up in the chaotic shelter environment instead of part of a family is heartbreaking and would take a toll on anyone. Can you imagine being confined away from everything you love day in and day out?!

This handsome gentleman is a wonderful boy who loves to be with his people. He can be a bit shy at first with movement over his head, but ultimately loves to snuggle up with you! He participates in shelter playgroups with gentle and light-play female dogs. He’s potty trained already and would thrive in a home environment in which he can gain confidence. He just wants to be a beloved family member!

Learn more about him and apply to adopt or foster this wonderful boy today!

His adoption is sponsored by a generous supporter!

Please share him to get him home!
Help Transport Rabbits to Rescue!
 A rescue has stepped up to take in Stockton shelter rabbits, which is so needed as the shelter was inundated with them!

Now we just need a driver to transport them from Stockton to Nampa, Idaho, ASAP!

If you can help, email our team at
Adoptable Dogs
These are just some of our incredible dogs in foster! A huge thank you to our life-saving foster families! To view all adoptable dogs, visit or!
Adopt A Kitten (Or Two)
Beloved (and cute beyond all reason) Stockton shelter foster babies, the “Lilo and Stitch” litter, are ready to find homes/be adopted! Read more about them and apply to adopt them!
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