"The Diocesan Office is Coming!"
Instead of asking Episcopalians to come to the diocesan office to visit the bishop or other members of the staff, we are coming to you. Beginning next week Bishop Haynes and other members of her staff will begin visiting each convocation. During this visit, Bishop Haynes will be holding Open Office Hours in the morning and the evening at a designated church in the convocation. Both clergy and lay people may come to spend time with the bishop on a first-come, first served basis. In the middle of the day, the bishop will go to a local restaurant for lunch. Convocational clergy are invited to join her if they would like. Since in most convocational visits the bishop will be spending the night, she or another diocesan staff member could be free to meet with a vestry that might have specific questions. So far the following visits have been scheduled to convocations. For specific scheduling questions, please contact the Dean of each convocation.

June 16 – Convocation 5, St. Cyprian’s Church, Hampton
The Very Rev. Dr. Ronald Ramsey, Dean (email)

June 23 – Convocation 9, Christ Church, Danville
The Very Rev. Dr. Susan Grimm, Dean (email)

June 24 – Convocation 8, Trinity Church, South Hill
The Very Rev. Nancy E. Meck, Dean (email)

July 1 – Convocation 1, Christ Church, Eastville
The Very Rev. Robert Coniglio, Dean (email)

July 7 – Convocation 4, St. Paul’s Church, Suffolk
The Very Rev. Keith R. Emerson, Dean (email)

July 14 – Convocation 3, St. Andrew’s, Norfolk
The Very Rev. John Rohrs, Dean (email)

Because Bishop Susan will be visiting in convocations on Wednesdays, Open Office Hours for Clergy have been moved to Tuesdays at 1:00 pm. There will be no Open Office Hours on Tuesday, June 15, but they will begin weekly on June 22. Please watch your email for the Zoom link.

Open Office Hours for Senior Wardens in churches without clergy presence will resume on Thursday, July 8 at 1 pm. Please watch your email for the Zoom link.