Rescue Ranger
December 2021
This holiday season we give a special thank you to all our volunteers and supporters who helped us make 2021 a successful year in rescue. We are finishing strong and are on track to rescue over 170 dogs and adopt over 160 dogs, which is about 20 more dogs than last year. And despite a CDC ban on international dog imports in July, we were able to rescue 37 dogs from Turkey, Kosovo, and China. This is the highest number of dogs annually since we began international rescue in 2019!

We are looking forward to 2022, which is a special year for NRGRR as it marks our 25th anniversary since we became incorporated as a non-profit rescue. NRGRR has a long history that began even earlier as a Golden Retriever Club and we will be sharing some of the stories of our past in the coming year. 

We wish you a joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2022!
WE DID IT!!! Thank you to everyone who donated during this year's Giving Tuesday event. We raised an amazing $21,000 with several people helping out with personal Facebook Fundraisers. Together, we surpassed last year's amount by $1,000!

These donations will help with the rising cost of veterinary care, our biggest expense by far. Stay tuned in 2022 as we be highlighting some of our dogs in rehab with the largest expenses.
12 Days of NRGRR Christmas
Follow us on social media as we look back at our accomplishments during 2021 with our 12 Days of a NRGRR Christmas. Click to social media icons below to see our posts, which will continue through Christmas Day. 

Donations during this event can be made online or through our Facebook page.
NRGRR 2022 Events
  • May 7th - Spring Swim - Montague Lake
  • July 23th - Summer Splash - Montague Lake
  • August 27th - Golden on the Green Charity Golf Tournament - River Ridge Country Club
  • October 22nd - Rescue Reunion/Spooky Splash - Montague Lake

Stay tuned as more events are being planned for 2022!

Meet and Greets - We are currently looking for new locations to host our Meet and Greet events and will make an announcement on our home page when more is known.
2021 Statistics
through November
164 Dogs Rescued

51 Dogs in Rehab

141 Dogs Adopted
Congratulations to these dogs finding their furever home in November

  • Barnaby18
  • Carrie21
  • CJ Gregg21
  • Columbia21
  • Ebony21
  • Eclipse21
  • Green Bean21
  • Hero21
  • Leela21
  • Merlin21
  • Muffin21
  • Priya21
  • Snow White21
  • Sparkles21
  • Tsuli21
  • Turkey Boncuk21
  • Turkey Marlene21
Golden Memories 2021
A Year in Review
As we close out 2021, we want to do a quick review of the year and to say THANK YOU to our volunteers, adopters, and donors who make it possible for us to achieve our mission to Rescue, Rehab, and Adopt! 

First and foremost we want to thank ALL of our volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible. And secondly, to our adopters for opening your hearts and homes to the Goldens and golden-hearted dogs that came to be a part of the NRGRR family in 2021. Specific thanks go to:  
None of what we do is possible without fosters; you are essential to our rescue efforts! You open your homes and your heart to the dogs who find their way to NRGRR. You make it possible for us to say “yes” to the shelters and owners who need to surrender a dog, for whatever reason. You provide the “soft landing” for these dogs to help them transition into their furever home; your loving care and guidance prepares them for their new pawrents. You save lives and change lives for the better, both for our dogs and their adoptive families. THANK YOU!
Operations Team
You do all the behind the scenes work to get dogs pulled from shelters, coordinate owner-surrenders, find transport, coordinate and train our foster families, coordinate our dogs’ medical care, run the Meet and Greets, complete adoption contracts, and SO much more. You make it happen! And in 2021, we had several new folks join the Operations Team and others assume new roles. NRGRR relies on you to pull together all the many moving pieces. THANK YOU!
Dog Coordinator Team
You coordinate the care of each and every dog that comes into the NRGRR family. You schedule vet appointments and ensure all the dogs’ needs are met; as well as assisting the foster families to ensure a smooth transition into their homes and the dogs’ ultimate furever home. Our dogs are in good hands because of you. THANK YOU!
Applications Team
You process applications, do vet reference checks, conduct home visits, and submit applications for available dogs on behalf of your applicants. You are the face to our potential adopters and help them find their furever friend. THANK YOU!
Transportation Team
You pick up dogs from shelters and meet other transporters to get dogs to our vet partners for processing. You provide the Freedom Ride for our dogs—you are their heroes! You have also been known for transporting dogs to fosters, vet visits, and transporting dog food and other supplies and donations to the rescue. THANK YOU!
International Rescue Team
You coordinate the transportation of dogs from locations such as China, Turkey, and Kosovo. You drive day and night to pick up dogs from airports up and down the east coast, from Atlanta to JFK. You made it possible for us to bring in 37 international dogs this year, saving lives and demonstrating that love has no borders. THANK YOU!
Dog Behavioral Team
You ensure all behavior issues are appropriately handled, providing training for both the foster families and dogs as required. It takes a village and you are always there to facilitate a smooth transition. THANK YOU!
Lost Dog Team
This team was new to NRGRR in 2021 and boy were you guys and gals busy! Rescuing scared and anxious dogs has its risk, which sometimes includes the risk of “flight.” We had a number of dogs escape this year, and the tracking team spent many long hours and late nights searching neighborhoods, posting signs, grilling bacon and hotdogs, laying out traps and cameras. You spent many days out in the rain, the cold, and in the dark to help recover our dogs as well as dogs from other rescues who were also “on the lam.” For your perseverance, patience, and unwavering dedication we say, THANK YOU!
Communications Team
You keep everyone informed and up-to-date regarding all NRGRR activities via Facebook, Instagram, the website, and the Rescue Ranger. Your efforts keep NRGRR in the news and give us much needed exposure so we can achieve our mission to Rescue, Rehab, and Adopt. THANK YOU!
Resource Development Team
You continue to work hard to find ways to bring in resources to the rescue and for that we are extremely appreciative. This team includes the folks who plan and execute events on behalf of NRGRR. For the first time since 2019 we were able to hold numerous events such our “friend raising” dog swims and other live events including the first ever Golden Smiles brewery event, and our 20th anniversary Golden on the Green charity golf tournament. And of course, our annual NRGRR Calendar Contest help raised much needed funds. (If you haven’t purchased your 2022 calendar or planner there are still some available for purchase through the online store.) We appreciate everyone who helped make these fundraising events a success and to those of you who attended. THANK YOU!
Community Outreach Team
Your work with local shelters, businesses, and corporate entities continues to develop collaborative partnerships for NRGRR. Your efforts are of vital importance to growing our influence, reputation, and financial support. THANK YOU!
Vet Partners
We could not do what we do without the great vet partners we have who process our dogs when they come in and make sure they are healthy so they can be adopted and live their best life. We are grateful to the vets, vet techs, and support staff who support our efforts to Rescue, Rehab, and Adopt. We appreciate you. THANK YOU!
Meet and Greet Venue Partner
We want to recognize Zoomy Dogs for hosting the Meet and Greets we held in 2021; we so appreciated your hospitality. We have been blessed with such a spacious venue in 2021 and the wonderful support of Zoomy Dog’s owners and their staff. THANK YOU!
NRGRR Board of Directors
You are the key decision makers driving the organization. We appreciate every individual who has served on the Board of Directors: for your guidance, your initiative, and your leadership. THANK YOU!
WE LOVE OUR ADOPTERS! You open your hearts and your homes to the 170+ dogs (on average) that come through NRGRR each year and many of you go on to become volunteers and advocates for the rescue. We have the BEST adopters; we appreciate you. THANK YOU!
You keep us going, allowing us to save more dogs and participate in animal advocacy efforts throughout the state of North Carolina and beyond. Many of our donors are adopter and volunteers. Some are community businesses that support us throughout the year. Your generosity is pure GOLD – helping us to raise nearly $21,000 on “Giving Tuesday.” To everyone who has supported NRGRR financially throughout the year – THANK YOU!
As you can see, It Takes a Village to plan, coordinate, operate, facilitate, and execute all the things that make NRGRR a successful rescue. Each of you are part of that village, and your dedicated efforts have made 2021 another memorable year for Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue. Truly, together we are GOLDEN. It is with a heart of gratitude that we thank ALL of you!!! May 2022 be another year filled with blessings and golden moments. HAPPY HOWLIDAYS!
2021 Events in Review
A big THANK YOU to the event coordinators!

  • Meet and Greets – Thank you Donna Blackwell, Ann Ingram, and Operations Team
  • Dogs swims at Montague Lake – Thank you Dana Kahn and Samantha Rich
  • Golden Smiles at Triangle Beer – Thank you Samantha Flynn and Kerry Ahrend
  • Golden on the Green at River Ridge Country Club – Thank you Kerry Ahrend, Jennifer Edwards, Scott Kennedy, Nell Barnes, Roger Stowe, and Donna Blackwell
  • Wine and Design Pet portraits and crafts – Thank you Jane Malec and Kerry Ahrend
  • Wine Tasting – Thank you Jane Malec and Barbara and Terry Emery
  • Bark in the Park – Thank you Pam Reilley
  • Raleigh Christmas Parade – Thank you Ellen Yu 
  • Hillsborough Christmas Parade – Thank you Jane Malec 
Holiday Parades Recap
Thanks to our supporters who came with their dogs dressed in holiday attire to march in the Raleigh Christmas Parade and the Light Up the Night Hillsborough Holiday Parade. The dogs are always a big hit delighting the crowds! Check out the photo albums for these parades below.
Raleigh Christmas Parade
November 20, 2021
Light Up the Night
Hillsborough Holiday Parade
December 5, 2021
Golden Moments
Monthly Photo Contest
Harper, Jackson, and Brady
Best Holiday Moments
Congratulations to Harper, Jackson, and Brady for being selected for the best holiday moment . As a result of winning this month's Golden Moments contest, their owner will receive a 25% off coupon to the NRGRR online store.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the Golden Moments Photo Contest this year. We had many great submissions and enjoyed seeing the pictures of your NRGRR alumni and families. Click the button below to see all the photos entered this year.
New Store Items
Golden Mom caps available in pink and spruce. Golden Dad caps available in khaki.
Golden Dad beanies available in spruce and Navy. Golden Mom beanies available in Heather Gray and Spruce.
"Golden Hearted" and "Your So Golden" bandannas for your dog. Available in various colors.
2022 NRGRR Calendar and Planner
NRGRR calendars and planners are still available. Get them while they last! The cost for the wall calendar is $20 each and for the planning calendar is $40 each, plus applicable tax and shipping fees.
We are always looking for new ideas for store items. If there are any items you would like us to carry, email our store manager, Nikki D'Ambrose, and we will see if it's feasible for us to provide it to you.
Support NRGRR
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The Pet Pantry H.E.A.L. program - When you purchase Pet Pantry products you can designate NRGRR to receive a donation. The Pet Pantry will donate 7% of every dollar you spend to us for as long as you are a Pet Pantry customer.
Facebook Fundraisers
Creating a fundraiser for NRGRR is super easy. Just click the link below and adjust a few details and you're all set. Share it with your friends and encourage them to help you raise money on Facebook.

In 2021, we received nearly $40,000 from Facebook fundraisers! Help us raise even more in 2022.

Thank you November Facebook Fundraisers:
Michelle's Birthday
Jenny's Birthday
Doug's Giving Tuesday
Pamela's Giving Tuesday
Suzanne's Giving Tuesday
Kerry's Giving Tuesday
KT's Giving Tuesday
Lisa's Giving Tuesday
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