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Just in Time for Valentine's Day: Happy Tails
Cooper continues to thrive as a family dog - and he's made an unlikely (and adorable) new friend!

Adopter Sydney sent us the following update - perfect for Valentine's Day:

"Cooper, the big friendly giant, has recently befriended our new rescue bunny, Bunzilla. Cooper’s sign of affection is bringing a shoe to you, he brought a slipper to Bunzilla. They’re pretty darn sweet together!"

Is this not one of the most cutest updates? Look at them together!

Sydney and family, we can't thank you enough for showing Cooper so much love, and for continuing to save pets by adopting!
Mikey and Lucy (formerly Sunny), who shared a foster home, landed a forever family together!

Adopter Greg says the super adorable pair are settling in wonderfully:

"They’re doing great! They’re getting pampered with tons of love, toys, treats, walks and playtime. We’re ordering Lucy a Girl Scouts bandana so she can join the girls at the cookie sales booth."

We can't imagine how adorable that's going to be!

Thank you, Greg and family, for adopting this duo and giving them a lovely home together!
Betty, formerly Macy, is loving being treated like a queen by her forever family!

Adopter Barbara said, "Thought you'd enjoy a few pics of Betty, who is a very happy dog! The queen pic is her wearing an inflatable e-collar."

What more could we want than one of our dogs getting the royal treatment every day - and more importantly, being so happy!

Thank you so much for keeping this girl smiling!
Stella McCool is absolutely loving life as a family member!

Adopter Donna said, "Miss Stella McCool is thriving. She is an awesome girl and I can't imagine being without her. Thank you Delyse for choosing a wonderful pup for me. More folks ought to do it that way."

As you can see from these photos, this darling brindle girl is feeling right at home!

Thank you so much for giving this amazing girl a happy home!
Don’t forget: If you adopted through SSPA, we offer post-adoption counseling to help with your new dog’s transition into your home! Email! You can send "Happy Tails" updates there as well!
Watch: Why SSPA's Services Are So Needed
Why are SSPA’s services are so needed? Watch this video - and continue reading - for one example!

At the end of the day, thanks to our spectacular behavioral team, all Stockton shelter dogs have gotten out to interact and/or participate in playgroups multiple times. Now they’re content, calm and ready to sleep - with dreams of forever homes in their heads!

This is an enormous boon for a high-intake, underfunded municipal shelter - and more importantly, it’s saving dogs!!! The dogs get desperately needed socialization opportunities during their stay in a chaotic environment, and we get important info on each dog to help find matches for foster and adoptive families!

This is just some of what you’re supporting when you donate and volunteer with us!

We’re so grateful to our incredible team, volunteers and our supporters! Y’all are helping to make a huge difference in the lives of shelter dogs!
Making a Difference with SSPA Dog Day Out
Andy, pictured, Hope and Freya were just a few of the Stockton shelter dogs who got to experience a day outside the shelter, thanks to awesome SSPA Dog Day Out volunteers.

Checking a dog out for a day can make all the difference for a dog who's been struggling in the overwhelming shelter environment!

Getting some fresh air, cuddles, playtime, and even just some peace and quiet can mean the world and be critical for their mental health.

It also gives us much-needed insight into the dog's personality and behavior outside of the chaotic shelter!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to check a dog out for a day and give them a reason to smile!
Adoptable Dogs
These are some of our incredible adoptable dogs who really need out of the shelter!
To view all adoptable dogs, visit or!
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