December 2019 | Issue #87
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News from the Maintenance Hangar
The Borescope
Borescoping a cylinder provides a more complete analysis of cylinder health over the traditional compression test.

While low compression readings may be a sign of poor cylinder condition, it may also be nothing to be alarmed by. A borescope allows the A&P technician the opportunity to easily inspect the cylinder and valve heads without removing the jug*, saving both time and money.
Jamie Marookian, IA, using a borescope to inspect a cylinder head at Sky Manor Air Repair
"A compression test could tell you that air was leaking past the exhaust valve, but with the borescope you could tell whether it was because of a benign glob of lead on the seat that would quickly resolve itself the next time the engine ran—or a malignant, warped or eroded valve likely to fail catastrophically in the next 10 hours..." - From AOPA Pilot's Savvy Maintenance by Mike Busch (Borescope ascendancy: Time to topple the venerable compression test? May 1, 201 7)
* What's a Jug?
Answer: a very technical term that refers to an engine cylinder on your airplane. But you already knew that ;-)
Winter is the best time for an annual inspection because...
  1. There's no fear of missing out on beautiful flying weather. After all, it's winter.
  2. Time to upgrade to some newer gear. Why not? You've got the time.
  3. Best of all, come spring, you'll be flying while your buddies are laid up with their annuals. And that just feels good.
Winter Pic
Gift Ideas
What to get, what to get?
How about something every plane owner can use? A Gift Certificate from SMARA!
Gift Certificate Sample
Use them for: service, maintenance, annuals inspections, avionics, parts, and just about anything else under our roof(s).

STOP IN today and pick one (or more) up or CALL US and we'll handle it over the phone and mail it out to you.
Dependable power is always handy
USB/Lighter Plug adapters can be unreliable. Consider a Stratus Power instead!

  • FAST 2.5A per channel charging
  • Easy installation
  • 2 YR Warranty
  • Made in USA

Have confidence in your cockpit power with a Stratus Power installed by SMARA.

Only $349 plus installation, but faithful readers of our newsletter will be rewarded with a discount. (wink, wink)

Call us for your special pricing . Shhhh…..
Avionics Update
For those All-In for GARM-IN, or those who want to be.
Garmin GDL50
Check out the rebates on these eligible GARMIN products from Nov 15 – Dec. 31, 2019
  • D2™ Delta S / D2 Delta / D2 Delta PX $150.00
  • DL® 50 / GDL 51 / GDL 52 $100.00
  • GDL 50R / GDL 51R / GDL 52R $100.00
  • aera® 660 $75.00
  • VIRB® Ultra 30 Aviation In-cockpit Bundle $50.00

To qualify for these rebates, customers will need to purchase at least one of the eligible products listed above from an authorized Garmin dealer from Nov. 15, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2019 and submit a completed copy of the attached rebate form to Garmin. Complete instructions can be found on the form.

Contact our Avionics team with questions.
WEBINAR - Advanced GARMIN Avionics Upgrades
Give your perfect airplane the perfect panel with TXi series touchscreen flight displays, GTN™ series navigators, GMA series audio panels, GTX™ series ADS-B transponders, autopilots and more.

WHEN: Thursday, DEC 5th at 5pm EST
WEBINAR - GARMIN Pilot Tips and Tricks
Dive deep into the Garmin Pilot mobile app to learn about general operation, plus get insider tips and tricks to make flight planning, navigation and flying easier — and more fun.

WHEN: Tuesday, DEC 17th at 8pm EST
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