Pa. Announces Some Outdoor Activities to Reopen May 1, Ohio looks to 'ease out' of shutdown
Pennsylvania to allow golf, other outdoor activities to reopen this week.

On Monday, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that certain businesses that operate outdoor activities in Pennsylvania will be able to reopen on Friday May 1. The governor said the decision to reopen some outdoor activities this week was to ensure that Pennsylvanians have opportunities to maintain positive physical and mental health. According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation study, 45 percent of U.S. adults reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to anxiety over COVID-19.

Starting Friday, the governor said that golf courses, marinas, guided fishing trips and privately owned campgrounds may reopen throughout the Commonwealth. These businesses will still be required to follow updated life-sustaining business guidance issued by the administration to ensure public health and safety. Gov. Wolf said campgrounds in state parks will remain closed through Thursday, May 14. The administration also created an updated FAQ document related to the governor's business closures for COVID-19 mitigation.

In addition to the guidance issued by the state, the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also issued guidance on visiting parks and recreational facilities. According to the CDC, remaining active is a key component to staying mentally and physically healthy. The federal government recommends people visit parks, trails and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and safely connect with others.

Gov. Wolf announced last week that construction projects throughout the state will also be allowed to resume, following strict guidelines issued by the Department of Health, beginning May 1. Additionally, some regions of the Commonwealth may soon be allowed to slowly resume certain business-related activities based on the governor's three-phase, color-coded plan to reopen Pennsylvania.
Ohio governor looks to "ease out" of shutdown.

On Monday, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine provided details on the Buckeye State's initial steps to reopening businesses that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning May 1, all medical procedures that can be done without an overnight stay in the hospital will be permitted to move forward, as well as dentist and veterinarian services. The governor said that starting May 4, all construction, manufacturing and distribution operations that were closed during the pandemic will be allowed to reopen, as well as general office environments. The following week, on May 12, consumer, retail and service businesses will be permitted to reopen.

Gov. DeWine said that all employees and customers of open businesses must wear facial coverings while inside the business, which is a new requirement for the state. The administration also said that employees should be allowed to continue to work from home if possible, even when the business closure restrictions are lifted.

The Ohio Department of Health issued "COVID-19 Responsible Protocols" for getting Ohio back to work, which outlines five required protocols for all businesses, as well as actions that must be taken in the event a COVID-19 infection is identified.
Daily COVID-19 update for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 885 new positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide since Sunday, bringing the state total to 42,050. In addition, 1,597 Pennsylvanians have died from complications from the virus. To date, there have been more than 161,000 negative cases across the state.

Gov. Tom Wolf is still asking all Pennsylvanians who must leave their homes for life-essential reasons to wear a mask to help stop the spread of the virus . An executive order issued on April 15 requiring customers entering a place of business to wear a mask.

Daily COVID-19 update for Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health reported 16,325 cumulative cases of COVID-19 and 753 deaths, including probable cases, by Monday afternoon. There have been 3,232 hospitalizations and 978 ICU admissions.

Gov. Mike DeWine is now requiring all employees and customers entering a place of business to wear a facial covering.
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Gov. Wolf calls for mandated race, ethnicity data reporting relating to COVID-19 tests. Earlier today, Gov. Tom Wolf called for medical facilities and providers conducting COVID-19 tests to follow the Department of Health’s mandate to include race and ethnicity data in demographics provided to the department. The governor also called for more robust, free and accessible testing for minority and vulnerable populations.
Unprecedented times, but McNees is here to help
The situation surrounding COVID-19 is changing by the hour. Capitol Buzz will do its best to keep our readers as up-to-date as possible as to local, state and federal actions relating to the virus.

As we have stated in previous editions, for those businesses seeking guidance or assistance on how to proceed during this unprecedented time, please contact the McNees Labor and Employment Practice Group , or for government relations assistance please contact the McNees Strategic Solutions Group (MSSG) . You can also visit the McNees COVID-19 Article & Resource Page for more information on various legal and political issues created by the novel coronavirus.

For more information on what you can do to protect yourself and others, check out the CDC's coronavirus information page or visit .

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