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Newsletter #105, Thursday, April 11, 2019
126 weeks down, 82 weeks to go until Election Day!
Sunday, April 14. A proven, legal way to win elections
Increasingly, elections are won by getting supporters to vote. Republicans already vote in greater proportion than Democrats and it has been reported that Republican strategy in upcoming elections is less to persuade independents and convert Democratic voters than it is to get their base to vote. Presumably Democrats should and will be just as interested in getting their supporters to vote..
 Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consulting had an insight that “nonvoters are ashamed of abstaining but believe they can get away with it because no one knows whether they in fact voted.” He will cite the results of using peer pressure to get people to vote. Direct mailing campaigns that tell prospective voters that their neighbors will be told if they actually do vote have been as much as ten times as effective as any other method studied, yet they aren’t being widely utilized due to the recipient’s complaints. Come learn why these campaigns work, why they aren’t utilized, and join the discussion as to whether they should be. Bring your questions and opinions.
 Mark has worked with hundreds of campaigns and has been featured in the New York Times as the source for Michigan voter lists.
 This presentation may be the most thought-provoking and entertaining one you will attend this year. Mark is eccentric, brilliant, irreverent, opinionated, and funny. For one of his 43 successful election campaigns for Ingham County commissioner his advertisements included ''Buy one politician, get one free'', bumper stickers ''No worse than the rest'' and refrigerator magnets ''He may be a fool, but he's our fool''. Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor, 2935 Birch Hollow Dr, Ann Arbor. 3–4:30 pm
PEG Speaker Series: A proven, legal way to win. In the time of Trump, should we use it?
Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor, 2935 Birch Hollow Dr. Ann Arbor 48108

04/14/19 3:00pm - 04/14/19 4:30pm

GOTV campaigns have been shown to be 10 times as effective as any others, yet they aren’t being copied. Come learn why and how to implement!
I will be there!
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Free Grassroot Campaign Training – Deadline to register is Sunday at noon
The Trainer (T3) Webinar Training Program is a free six-week, twelve-part webinar course, covering all aspects of grassroots campaigning. This program seeks to expand the skills of progressive activists and volunteers, by ensuring that comprehensive training is free and accessible for Democrats all over the country. Register for T3 today, and help us take our country back in 2020! Trainings are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm from April 16, through May 23. Participants must complete all twelve sessions in order to receive certification. All training sessions will include a skills test to track retention and participation. Trainings will be recorded and made available following each session via a weekly wrap-up email, delivered on Fridays.
Click here to submit your registration! Registration will close at 12:00 pm ET, on Sunday, April 14.
15 Ways to Help a Candidate Win Their Election
There is always an election occurring somewhere in our country, either in our own state or beyond. How can you help out if you have never worked on a campaign before or even if you are miles away? Try sharing posts from the candidate, as this is one simple thing that you can do to help them spread their message. Be sure to talk to your friends who live in their district and get them familiar with the candidate. You can also phone bank for them, often from the comfort of your own home! It is an easy way to help out and even just one call can make a difference. Find more tips here .
More Events
League of Women Voters Dearborn-Dearborn Heights
       Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy
Thursday, April 11. A path for a prosperous Michigan: a 21st century agenda
Lou Glazer of MichiganFuture will facilitate a discussion of this program to explore how Michigan can grow a broad middle class again. Related research can be found at . Christ Episcopal Church, 120 N. Military St, Dearborn . 7 pm
Thursday, April 11. 12th District Dems Monthly Meeting
Email with questions. UAW, 9650 S. Telegraph Rd, Taylor . 7–8 pm

Saturday, April 13. Coffee Hour with Donna Lasinski
Northfield Township Senior Center, 9101 Main St, Whitmore Lake . 10–11 am

Monday, April 15. Allen Park Dems Monthly Meeting
Call Dan Geb at (313) 600-6720 with any questions you may have. American Hungarian Reformed Church, 9901 Allen Road, Allen Park . 7 pm
Michigan Resistance Calling Parties
This week we will urge MI Senators to reauthorize and strengthen the Violence Against Women Act.
Tuesday, April 16. Planned Parenthood’s Action Summit
Powering Change, 2019 Action Summit , Planned Parenthood’s biggest advocacy day of the year, will feature Governor Gretchen Whitmer as the keynote speaker. In addition to the Governor’s talk, a number of informative sessions will be held. Advance registration is required: get your tickets online here . Tickets include lunch, a Planned Parenthood t-shirt, and membership to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan for the year, all for $10. Contact with questions. Lansing Center, 333 E Michigan Ave, Lansing. Noon–5 pm

Wednesday, April 17. Universal, Comprehensive, Single Payer Healthcare. Why do we want it and how do we get it?
Speakers include: Dr. Vivekanand Palatal MD, neurosurgeon and award winning documentary filmmaker, and creator of Screwed by the Greedy Business of American Healthcare; US Rep. Debbie Dingell on "What’s happening in DC"; MI Rep. Yousef Rabhi on "MICare, bringing healthcare to everyone in Michigan"; Will Toms on "Organizer with the grassroots non-profit Michigan 4 Single Payer (M4SP)." Organizing strategies and how to get mobilized will be discussed. Church of the Good Shepherd, 2145 Independence, Ann Arbor . 7 pm
Action Items
Unprecedented levels of Federal debt need our attention
It is already higher as a share of the economy than at any time in our history, except for a few years around World War II, when a massive military buildup required immense borrowing. Under current policies, debt will rise steadily to unprecedented levels over the next decade and to unsustainable levels over the next 30 years and beyond.
Click here to read why this debt needs addressing and how to frame the issue so something can be done about it.- Brookings
Michigan Secretary of State announces the Citizens Redistricting Commission from the Michigan Secretary of State is where you can find out more about the Citizens Redistricting Commission that was created because of the passing of Proposal 2. The Commission will be made up of 13 Michigan registered voters: 4 who self-identify as Democrats, 4 who self-identify as Republicans, and 5 who self-identify as unaffiliated with either of those political parties. Applications to be a part of this commission will be available in late 2019. For more information, check out the Citizen's Guide or .
Please call your Member of Congress (MoC) to:
*Support The Equality Act of 2019 , a guarantee of LGBTQ rights.
This Act bans discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, and revises the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ban discrimination in public places and services, including retail stores and transit. It is currently legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity in multiple states, including Michigan. Our country is better than this. For more information on this bill, click here . To contact your MoC click here.
*Reinstate Internet Neutrality: The Backbone of America’s Economy
Net Neutrality requires Internet service providers to allow equal access, choice, and transparency of internet offerings to consumers. Open networks allow information to flow freely and more people to be connected, which helps innovation and ultimately economic growth. In 2017 the FCC repealed protections to service-providers, allowing special interests to get in the way of a free internet. Congress has just introduced Save the Internet Act of 2019. To read more about the Act click here . To learn more about Net Neutrality click here . To contact your MoC click here .
More things to listen to, read, and watch
Is the United States a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic?
The State of Michigan has been featured in the New York Times for the debates that are occuring within our public schools right now. The Michigan State Board of Education heard these proposed rules on the morning of Tuesday, April 9th. These standards decide what the children of the state learn in their schools at every grade level. “Korematsu and the Flint water crisis made it into the [new] standards. Redlining, the Chinese Exclusion Act, #MeToo and Black Lives Matter did not… Mr. Colbeck, the former state senator who had helped write the previous draft, was displeased. Calling the nation a democracy was not “politically neutral and accurate,” he said. There will still be time for public comment and revision. Education officials plan to introduce the new standards in “listen and learn” meetings across the state this spring.” Read the article by Dana Goldstein from the New York Times here . Read the proposed standards from the Michigan State Board of Education here .
UPDATE: The draft of proposed standards was approved on Tuesday. These standards are said to be more inclusive than were originally proposed. Mr. McMillin called these new standards “too liberal.” The public comment period on this draft will begin on April 24. Read more from WKAR here .
Trump backs off gutting funding for Great Lakes
Over the past two years, he’s proposed a 90 percent cut to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative , and he's even called for its elimination. (Congress has been funding it anyway.) In his Grand Rapids rally last week he phrased his pivot as if he was granting the program new dollars. In fact, the GRLI has been around since 2010, and it has been fully funded in recent years despite — not because of — Trump’s efforts ( Whoppers ). Read more here . - City Pages
Detroit seeks to increase participation in 2020 census
The city of Detroit says it will be working with community groups to raise awareness about the upcoming census and encourage people to be counted. The campaign also wants residents to know that information given to census workers — including immigration status — will be kept confidential. For each person not counted in the 2020 census, Detroit will lose about $1,800 in federal funding each year over the next decade. Read more here. - The Detroit Free Press
News:Migrant Children Separated from their Families
*It may take 2 years to identify thousands of children separated from families
It may take federal officials two years to identify what could be thousands of immigrant children who were separated from their families at the southern United States border, the government said in court documents filed on Friday. The filing Friday outlined the government's plan to use data analysis and manual reviews to sift through the cases of about 47,000 children who were apprehended by U.S. immigration officials from July 1, 2017, to June 25, 2018. Read more here .

*Homestead Migrant Teen Detention Camp to Expand Capacity Again
According to NBC news , the Trump administration notified members of Congress last week that they are expanding the capacity of the Homestead Migrant Teen Detention Camp from 2,350 to 3,200. This facility houses unaccompanied teens aged 13–17 years who arrived on their own, hoping to join relatives. Earlier this year, three Florida Congresswomen were denied entry to this detention camp and vowed to take legal action against the Trump administration. Read more about Representatives Wasserman-Schultz, Mucarsel-Powell and Shalala’s efforts to provide oversight here .
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