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June 2020
Some services resume, bringing hope, adjustments
Chrestomathy, a MOHR member based in Eden Prairie, was able to symbolically open its doors again on June 4 for just a few participants.

They’re allowed up to 180 minutes of day training and habilitation services per day. Karen is one of the outspoken individuals who relies on Chrestomathy’s services to help her maintain an even keel.

“That can sometimes be difficult on a good day, let alone a difficult day,” said Program Director Chris Pritchard. “She knows that she does have a voice, choices, and can control her own life.”
Karen was grief stricken on May 11 when the nonprofit had to tell her she would need to stay home.

Chrestomathy had to sort out the sudden closure order from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, which had abruptly cut off her services. Karen has faced many challenges over her lifetime -more-
One MOHR member provider that sprung back into partial action mid-week on June 10 was Achieve Services in Blaine.

Participants with disabilities got to work at four community sites, which included Medtronic and the University of Minnesota, explained Jennifer Dieter, development director for Achieve. Others worked with cards and foam gaskets at Achieve.

Staff had been covering the production work for almost two months. “It was nice to be able to bring in extra help to meet the deadlines for our business partners,” said Dieter. -more-
Virtual enrichment helps south metro brothers to stay engaged
Randy and Howard are well-liked brothers at ProAct who are cared for by their sister Claire. They mention the staff and friends they miss during their extended stay at home. Virtual Enrichment classes help keep them busy, and brighten their days.
Life Enrichment Award details, update from President
Building confidence, enhancing skills and engaging the community - learn more about our 2020 Life Enrichment Award winners, subscribe to our YouTube channel and please share with your family and friends. Watch | Read
Relief funds available for providers
Relief fund payments for disability service providers via the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are being made available.
These will assist Medicaid and CHIP providers for a minimum of 2 percent of reported gross revenue, according to HHS. A portal is being offered to apply for the funds.
HHS is claiming the move offers relief to nearly 1 million health care providers. -more-
Asking, waiting, asking
Disability service providers are highly adaptive, resilient, and committed to serving others. Difficulties come, and we pull through. We find a way to move forward and stay true to our mission.

I am so appreciative of the work MOHR members are doing to find creative ways to stay connected to the people who rely on our programs. I have heard so many positive stories about how remote services have made a difference in people’s lives and reduced the effects of isolation, and about providers figuring out creative and innovative ways to connect with and assist the individuals they support.

With the shutdowns due to the coronavirus, there’s been a lot of asking, and far too much waiting. Providers in many of the surrounding states have received relief funds for fixed costs, and we will keep asking for them here. Our system must be preserved. -more-
Member and other NEWS
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Updates from members
Bright light, wage help for participants
Vadnais Heights-based Merrick, Inc. said it is so grateful for the many wonderful donors who stepped up and donated to the nonprofit's Client Wages Relief Fund to help replace some of clients' lost wages. Thanks to donors, it was well on its way to reaching a $51,000 goal.
Region 1: vast, connecting well on Zoom
Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation
MOHR Region 1 Board Rep Jo Bittner, who leads the Polk County DAC, said Zoom online meetings with members in her area have been extremely valuable.

"We clarify bulletins and correspondence from DHS and from MOHR," she said. ". . . confirming we were interpreting things the same. They have also had
A couple of “happy hour” meetings to share their lament about not being open.

The northwest Minnesota MOHR region runs from Ada to the Canadian border, over 130 miles, and from East Grand Forks to Bemidji, 110 miles.
The Minnesota Organization for Habilitation and Rehabilitation - To Advocate and support members in providing meaningful services to persons with disabilities and communities served.