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We have some very sad news to share today:
Our dear cat Shadow passed away on Saturday, July, 2nd.

Shadow's History

We met Shadow when she was a feral cat at Mango Court. We began feeding her when she came to our lanai as a one-eyed pregnant cat. (Because how do you NOT feed a one-eyed pregnant cat?). Then one day Brenda was working on her computer on the shop's lanai and she heard a strange little sound...the sound only new born baby kittens make.  Shadow had given birth to 3 darling babies and since she is a smart mother she brought them to the bookstore for some TLC. Shadow was still very feral and frightened of us, so we had to quarantine the lanai so no one could bother the new little family. After the appropriate 6 weeks, the babies went to carefully selected homes and Shadow went off to the vet to be spayed and vaccinated.  When she returned we weren't sure if she would choose to stay at the bookshop or return to her wild ways, but again Shadow is a smart cat and decided she was destined for a better life, one of fat leisure and being fussed over regularly. 
Dr. Head and Shadow in healthier days.
Shadow's illness:

We're not sure how old Shadow was, but over the last year she developed a lung condition similar to asthma that caused her to be hospitalized a couple of times over the last few months. She was receiving medications twice a day to help her breathe more easily. Last week, even the meds weren't helping and when her breathing became too difficult, Dr. Head and we agreed it was time for Shadow to leave us. Joy was with her when she passed. Much thanks to Dr. Head and the Keauhou Veterinary staff for helping us take such good care of her over the years.

Keauhou Veterinary Hospital
Shadow's Legacy

Shadow was exceptionally good natured and the most tolerant of cats. She was always willing to be petted and fussed over. She was the best ambassador and marketing attraction any book store could ask for. We will miss this kitty greatly!
Shadow's Memorial

Please join us on Saturday, July 9 as we celebrate Shadow's life. We will donate 10% of all sales that day to AdvoCats in Shadow's memory.

With her buddy, Noble
Brenda, Joy, Shadow, Noble
Brenda, Shadow, Joy, and Noble 
Shadow and Tiare
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