Dear residents,

Please see this week's Friday Announcements

Town Journal Now Available

The July edition of the Somerset Journal is now posted online on the Town website. Residents can access the Journal by clicking on the following link:

Or by visiting the Town Journal Current & Past Issues page on the Town website (available under the "Communications" tab) or clicking on the link in the Somerset Announcements on the home page.

This is another excellent issue, published by our great editors, Barbara Marenus and Mary Wisniewski, with great articles on the Somerset Election, a historical look and reflection on slavery in Somerset, and how to keep your mind balanced and healthy during these stressful times, among other interesting pieces.


Pool Update and FAQ

As a reminder, we have put together a FAQ page to help residents better understand the process. We will update this page as the situation evolves.

Thank you for your patience, and feel free to reach out with any clarifying questions or comments.


4th of July - Last Call!

One final reminder that we are doing a recorded 4th of July event this year in lieu of our regular picnic at the Town Hall. The program will largely follow previous years' events.

We are still taking entries for the Cupcake Contest : Please submit photo entries of cupcakes (half dozen is perfect!) to with the Email Subject 2020 Cupcake Contest . We will include the photos in our program, and a special reward will be given to the chosen winner!

If you or your child wish to take part in this event, please email me at We will need all photos and recordings by Monday, June 29 at 12:00 pm so we can put it all together to air on the 4th of July.


Matthew Trollinger
Town Manager
Town of Somerset
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