The following message will appear in the July edition of the Somerset Journal:

Dear residents,

As Montgomery County enters Phase 2 and 3, restrictions are being lifted on congregating, using public spaces, indoor spaces, and other facilities that have otherwise been limited for the past three months or so. One such restriction that is being lifted is the use of pool facilities.

The Town’s Pool Committee has been hard at work following each and every development as it pertains to pools, and between the Mayor, Council President, and I, we have sat in on at least two or three calls every week with County and State officials getting updates. In April, the Council, in anticipation of necessary changes, and to improve the record-keeping and signing-in process at the pool, approved a new pool software company to help better manage entry to the pool.

Most recently, in June, the Town Council passed a set of rules, recommended by the Town’s Pool Committee, that will be in effect for the 2020 Pool Season (NOTE: The new rules are posted below). The Town Pool will follow strict cleaning, capacity, and reporting regulations from the CDC, Department of Health, State of Maryland, and Montgomery County, as well as adhering to privacy laws   to ensure that use of the pool is as safe as possible given the covid-19 pandemic.

Among the rule changes that will be in effect this summer: There will be no guests allowed; nannies and caregivers will require their own pool pass; there will be restrictions on unaccompanied children; residents will be required to sign in and out of the pool, and certify prior to entry that they are not experiencing Coronavirus or flu-like symptoms; face masks will be required except when in the pool; no food or drink (except for water in water bottles); and no patio equipment or grill use, among others (see below). These will be evaluated throughout the summer, and are subject to change based on the landscape as it pertains to the Coronavirus and our ability to respond safely.

Opening the pool to these stringent standards requires a lot of work on the back end. We are aiming for a June 29 opening date, but that too is subject to change, and may be delayed if implementation of those standards is not possible in that time frame. We will not rush the opening for the sake of opening, and will ensure all safety precautions are appropriately in place.

On behalf of everyone involved in the pool opening, I thank you all for your patience, and look forward to fun and safe summer 2020 pool season .

2020 Town of Somerset Pool Rules :

In light of Montgomery County's tentative plans to begin Phase 2 the week of June 15, 2020, which would allow lap swimming, the Pool Committee has asked the Council to approve the following recommended list of rules for the pool for this summer.

These rules were unanimously passed at the May 21 Pool Committee meeting in consultation with American Pool, and follow the interim pool guidance produced by Montgomery County HHS Licensure & Regulatory program.
  • Everyone must use hand sanitizer upon entering the pool building.
  • Remove and store all furniture (chairs, tables, benches, etc.). 
  • Remove and store all kickboards, pull buoys, and noodles.
  • No “lost and found.” All items will be removed and discarded at the end of each day. 
  • Allow residents to bring their own chair or towel to sit on, but require that they take with them when leaving the pool enclosure. 
  • If the Town allows 50 or more people in the pool enclosure, then recommend marking off designated places where chairs/towels for sitting will be allowed.
  • No food or drink allowed at all with the exception of water in a covered container, and no grill use. 
  • Anyone over age 2 must wear a face mask up until entering the pool. 
  • Swimmers in odd lanes start/end, enter/exit at the deep end and people in even lanes do so at the shallow end to the best of their abilities. 
  • Lap swimmers must reserve lanes/times though the new MemberSplash software. Lap swimmers are allowed to reserve up to three times per week for up to one hour each time. If all slots are not filled on the day of, then it is first come, first serve and not counted in one’s three allotted times. Will still need to be done via the MemberSplash software. 
  • Lap swimming only, in the traditional three lanes in the deep end, strictly one person per lane. 
  • Reserve deep end for water aerobics and two lap lanes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
  • No guests. 
  • Pool hours be expanded to open at 8:30 AM each day once Swim Team season ends. 
  • Pool be reserved for the Swim Team from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM and from 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (may be revisited later).
  • Raise the minimum age to be at the pool unattended to 12. “Attended” stays as defined currently (14 or older responsible party). Caregivers accompanying minors will require their own pool tag.
  • Swim lessons are not allowed under current state guidelines; when swim lessons are permitted, they shall not be allowed in the three traditional lanes in the deep end.
  • A waiver and release of claims must be signed by all residents who wish to use the pool prior to activation of their account (residents under 18 years must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian).
  • Ensure that the Town Pool and Pool Management Company are following CDC, State, and County guidelines [], including with respect to cleaning and capacity in the Town Pool, and contact tracing in the event a positive case of COVID-19 infection is discovered.


Matthew Trollinger
Town Manager,
Town of Somerset
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