Dear residents,

Please see this past week's announcements - Constant Contact, which is the platform we use to send out these communications, has been down for site maintenance, so please excuse the delay.

2020 Directory Questionnaire

The Communications Committee is hard at work putting together the Town's annual directory, and we are asking for resident participation to make it up-to-date:

Please be sure to complete the online questionnaire that was emailed to all Town residents in mid-July. This is the first time that the Town is collecting data online, and all residents are urged to respond even if your information is unchanged from previous years. If you are a new resident, we can only include you in the Directory if you provide this information.

We are asking that all households please complete this short questionnaire by this Friday, July 31.

The form can be accessed at:

As is the case every year, the Somerset Directory is kept private within Somerset, but is a helpful resource for neighbors who may try to reach one another.

August Town Journal

Please click here for the latest edition of the Somerset Town Journal:

The journal is also posted on the Town website at:

Pool Reservations

Please click here for the latest update on the Town Pool reservations:

Masks at the Pool

A reminder that the Town's 2020 Pool Rules require everyone over the age of 2 to wear a mask unless entering the pool.

Overgrown Vegetation

Several areas around Town have begun to grow to a point where it is obstructing traffic and pedestrians in the right-of-way.

As a reminder, residents are responsible for the maintenance of their vegetation in the right of way. Please be sure to cut back vegetation and plant growth that extend into the sidewalks and Town right-of-way . The Town Code prohibits  plant growth on a resident's private property to extend into the right-of-way in such manner that interferes with pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Please ensure that any structure, wall, fence, tree, hedge, shrubbery, or any other plant growth located on private property adjoining a right-of-way shall be maintained in such a manner and at such height that a clear and unobstructed view of the right-of-way is available to pedestrians and vehicular traffic.


Have a nice weekend!


Matthew Trollinger
Town Manager
Town of Somerset
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