Please be advised that the Somerville Public Library is closed to the public for a minimum of 2 weeks starting March 16, 2020, in order to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Rest assured that you will not be charged fines on any items that you currently have checked out, or items that you have recently returned to our library during this time.

Feel free to simply hold on to whatever library materials you have checked out, and to return them to our libraries when we reopen. No fines will be charged.

Regarding items that you may currently have on hold, these will be available for 3 days from the date that the library reopens.

If you have further questions about library transactions,  or have issues accessing online resources; card expiration, pin number issues,
etc.,  please email:  somrefquestions@minlib.net .

To receive alerts related to the City's Covid-19 response, please register here:  https://www.somervillema.gov/alerts.

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with keeping our community healthy.

Warm regards,

Cathy Piantigini, 
Director of Libraries

Lilly Sundell-Thomas
Deputy Director of Libraries

The Somerville Public Library Staff

SPL's Favorite Online Resources
Jim, Head of Circulation:

"Kanopy sends me periodic reminders of suggested and recommended films, but -- best of all --
it offers access to the kind of off-the-beaten-path films that I enjoy watching, and that Netflix hasn't offered, and that haven't otherwise been available through the library network.  Many has been the time that I have read or heard about an under-the-radar film that sounds right up my alley, only to find that it is available to me only through Kanopy!"

 Kevin, Head of Reference:

 "My favorite is probably Kanopy, a film streaming service whose offerings range from recent critically acclaimed films like "Midsommar", classics such as Bergman's "The Seventh Seal", and documentaries such as the PBS series on the Civil Rights Movement, "Eyes on the Prize". You access Kanopy on your computer or stream on your TV. Find out how by clicking  here."

**Extra free content for kids and adults available during the COVID-19 pandemic**
In addition to the 10 viewing credits you receive each month, Kanopy is adding free content that won't count against your viewing credits. Kanopy is also offering free access to Kanopy Kids for 30 days beginning March 16.

You can find a full list of free titles hereThis list will continue to grow.

A lison, Interim Head of West Branch:

"I recommend Libby, which is user friendly, with a large selection.  Especially now, you may not find exactly what you're looking for without a wait, but you will find something -- there's a lot of ebooks and audiobooks out there waiting for you!   Please RETURN your books to Libby if you finish before the loan period is up.  So many more people will be using e-resources, and most have limited copies, and it's nice to share!"

 Marita, Head of East Branch:

"I recently downloaded the audio version of "The Circle "by Dave Eggers from Libby. It's East Branch's Book Group's title and it is a long book, close to 500 pages.  Now that I can listen to it on my phone, I can start listening anywhere...and now that I'm at home, I can listen to it while I'm knitting. Audiobooks are great!"

Karen, Generalist Librarian:

"I love Libby because I can sample an audiobook, then if I like it, it's easy to download it onto my phone. For instant gratification, I often change the preferences to only show audiobooks that are available now."

Mary, Reference Librarian:

"My fave is Libby's feature to browse for 'available' titles when you either don't know what titles to   search for, or are disappointed when your search turns up only books that have a wait list. Also, full text magazines for "light" reading."

Annie, Senior Substitute Librarian:

"I also recommend Libby because it lets me enjoy books while walking, cooking, or doing chores!"

Wendy, Head of Cataloging:

"I find the Boston Globe to be a very useful resource. Often, friends will reference an article there on Facebook, but you can't get it without a subscription. But then with your library card, you go to our database, type in a few keywords, and voila!, you've got that article."

 Ellen, Interim Head of Teen Services:

"Have you ever felt bereft upon realizing that you've read every last book by one of your favorite authors?  Let NoveList come to your rescue!  I recommend NoveList, an online tool that lets you use a favorite author or title as a template to locate other books you might like. "

This tool could come in handy as you select your next book to read on the Libby App!

Karen, Generalist Librarian:

"Hoopla is great for catching up on comic books on my iPad. The books section has a subsection for comics, and I can filter to see what's popular or recommended. "

Kevin, Head of Reference:

"One of my favorite online resources is Mango Languages. Words are to me what music is for many people so I find it ridiculously fun to learn what other languages sound like.  For example, how do you   say, "Pleased to meet you?" in Bengali or "Thank you" in Farsi? Mango gives you glimpses into the rest of the world."
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