Upcoming Programs
We are excited to announce that Exit West by Mohsin Hamid will be this year's Somerville Reads book. Stop by any Somerville Public Library location and pick up a copy today!
Nuestro Arte Opening Reception
Gallery at SPL:  Latina/o Heritage Month 

During the months of September and October in the United States, people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans.The Somerville Latino Association in collaboration with The Welcome Project and The Somerville Public Library invite you to celebrate Somerville's Latino Heritage by viewing the art work of Somerville Latina/o residents. 

Please join us for the opening reception 2:30 Sunday September 9th at the Central Library. 

Celebrate your right to read! Join the Somerville Public Library for a Banned Books Read-a-thon on September 29th at 1 PM at the Central Library. 

The Somerville Public Library will be hosting our very first Girls Who Code club! Teens are invited to meet the moderator and fellow coders at the upcoming information session.
Teen Room Voter Registration

Voting is cool, and you can make a difference! 

If you are 16 or older, you can stop by the Teen Room on the first floor of the Somerville Public Library on Monday or Tuesday nights from 6 to 9 PM and register to vote.

Forms and instructions are available during Teen Room and library hours. We will be offering assistance beginning September 4th through October 9. The deadline for registration for the next Massachusetts election is October 17th.

For more information regarding assistance with voter registration, please contact Ron at 617.623.5000 ext. 2969 or rcastile@minlib.net.

September Book Recommendations
Adult Recommendations 
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Heidi, Kevin, and Mary at the Central Library and Marita at the East Branch.
"I had a hard time putting it down, and it really pulled me into a part of U.S. history I had never heard about," says our East Branch director Marita. The writer presents the background of the Osage Indians gaining oil wealth in land that was thought to be barren and then losing it to swindling and murdering neighbors. J. Edgar Hoover put Tom White in charge of an undercover investigation, and found out the web of people involved in the deceit was huge.

Recommended by Marita
In this novel told from the viewpoint of Jefferson Davis' wife, the author of Cold Mountain explores the limited choices available to women in nineteenth-century America and the realities of complicity in oppression. And as in Cold Mountain, Frazier depicts the past with flawless believabiilty. Varina is a compelling, beautifully written novel. 

Recommended by Kevin
With the promise of cooler weather in our future (!), wouldn't you love an easy way to make breads, buns, pizza, focaccia, and dinner rolls? All of the recipes in the 'Bread' section of this cookbook are adaptations of Stafford's family recipe for classic peasant bread, with no kneading required! If that doesn't convince you to bake, the beautiful photographs will. All of the recipes can be mixed ahead of baking, then refrigerated with instructions on how to proceed when you are ready for a fresh, hot loaf. Happy baking!

Recommended by Mary
This fast-read and entertaining book criticizes the American medical profession and the things we do to keep healthy in modern society. Read all about Barbara's study of why she avoids the doctor whenever possible and decides that she is now at an age where she is allowed to grow old. 

Recommended by Heidi

Still looking for more? See the Staff Picks page! 
YA (Young Adult) Recommendations
This issue's YA recommendations come from Annie and Karen at the Central Library.

Boy-crazy Molly embraces one secret crush after another, but has never had a boyfriend. Her twin sister Cassie doesn't seem to have any problems acting on her feelings. Then Cassie really falls in love and has no space left for Molly. Molly's totally not lonely, except when she is. Can Molly finally face her fear of rejection? From the author of Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. 

Recommended by Karen
The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton
Recommended by Annie

In this supernatural adventure set within the violent, unpredictable landscape of the English Civil War, a young girl sets off on a quest to rescue her brother and defeat their powerful and twisted family, with help from the ghosts that live in her head. 

Recommended by Annie

When Light Left Us by Leah Thomas
Siblings Hank, Ana, and Milo can't tell anybody about their encounter with the alien presence that changed their lives (sometimes by inhabiting their minds and bodies).  As they try to move on without their otherworldly friend, they still have a lot to learn about him, about themselves, and about those they love. 

Recommended by Annie

Looking for a couple extra recommendations? Check out our YA Staff Picks ! 
Children's Recommendations
This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Alison at the West Branch and Annamarie at the Central Library.
Embarrassed by her club foot, 10-year-old Ada's mother kept her locked up in a one room apartment, never able to leave, and all she knows of the world is what she sees outside her window. World War II  is about to start and children are sent away from London to escape the bombings. Ada now has a chance to escape not only the war, but her abusive mother.
She and her younger brother are sent to live with Susan, who turns out to be kind, patient, and teaches them all that they should already know about the world.  This is a wonderful, thought-provoking Newbery Honor book. 

Recommended by Annamarie
An instant classic, the Penderwicks series follows four sisters, their dog, and assorted family and friends through ups and downs of elementary and middle school years. The fifth (and last) book in the series, The Penderwicks at Last, was released this summer and offers a satisfying conclusion to the adventures of Rosalind, Jane, Skye, and Batty.

"It's amazing!" says Sophie, age 10.

Recommended by Alison
Mai is 12 and psyched to spend the summer at the beach -- until her parents tell her that she's going to Viet Nam with her grandmother to investigate whether her grandfather, presumed killed in the war 30+ years ago, might still be alive.  Over the course of the summer, Mai learns more about her family - and herself - than she ever expected.

"My mom told me to read this, and it turned out to be a really good book." -Katherine, age 12

Recommended by Alison

The six books in the Positive Power series give words to feelings and moods that kids in the 3-6 age range might have trouble articulating. Featuring diverse children in everyday situations with titles like I am Brave and I am Kind, these books are helpful for family discussions about actions, behavior, and emotions. 

Recommended by Alison
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