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November 2013

It is my pleasure to fill you in on some of what has been happening here at Areyvut! Work is well underway for our New Year's Day Carnival Extravaganza fundraiser happening this January 1st....make sure you check out all the details below because you won't want to miss it. October also saw the launch of our 2013-2014 Bergen County Mitzvah Clowns, as well as the start of a few more educational classes in Westchester. Keep on reading to learn even more...
Areyvut's New Year's Day Carnival Extravaganza!
Areyvut is pleased to announce our first annual New Year's Day Carnival Extravaganza fundraiser taking place this January 1st from 10am-6pm at the Garden State Exhibition Center in Somerset, New Jersey.There will be mechanical and inflatable rides, carnival games and booths, kosher food, and live entertainment for children of all ages...sounds much better than a day at the movies!

Keep an eye out for more information on this amazing event- it'll be headed your way soon! But in the meantime, check out
the Incredible Flyer that we have posted!
Teens at Music & Morals at Temple Shaarey Tefilla
Music & Morals
Our new Music & Morals class has gotten off to a great start at two synagogues in Westchester. Students have been discussing the relationship between Jewish values and music, and whether our values are reflected in the music to which we listen.

We're quite excited to have the programming continuing through November (and not just because Michal tests out her music examples on us here at the office...) and we are thrilled by the response we've had from the students! One participant commented, " surprised me that there are actually important Jewish values in the songs that I listen to...I realized that many songs have values..."

Areyvut now reaches more than 150 children and teens throughout the Westchester area. Check out our Event Page to check out program opportunities!

2013-2014 Bergen County Mitzvah Clown Launch
The 2013-2014 Bergen County Mitzvah Clown Launch took place on October 13th at the Jewish Home at Rockleigh. The Areyvut Mitzvah Clowns really brightened the day for the Rockleigh's residents. This month the Mitzvah Clowns will spend some time at both CareOne in Teaneck and Bright Side Manor so make sure to keep a look out!

If you're in the Riverdale area and want to give involved in Mitzvah Clowning, check out our upcoming sessions at CSAIR.
This course is part of the Westchester Jewish Teen Learning Initiative coordinated by The Jewish Education project and open for teens in 8th-12th grade.

Do You Have Your Menurkey Ready?!

All of us here at Areyvut want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgivvukah! With Thanksgiving and the first day of Chanukah falling out on the same day this year for the first time since 1888 (it's on November 28th, for those of you keeping track), be sure to add in a little extra celebration since it won't happen for another 79,000 years. So make your Thanksgivvukah Recipes, learn how to Pronounce This Rare Holiday Correctly, and get your Menurkey (Turkey Menorah) ready!

Happy Thanksgivvukah to All!
iThankYou: Teaching an Attitude of Gratitude
This Thanksgiving, Areyvut is partnering with to teach children an attitude of gratitude! iThankYou, available in the iTunes store, not only teaches Jewish children the prayer Modeh Ani in a fun and interactive way, but helps encourage children to be grateful for the many good things that they have. Check it out today!

Who We Are
Areyvut's mission is to infuse the lives of Jewish youth with the core Jewish values of chesed (kindness), tzedakah (charity), and tikkun olam (social action). We offer Jewish day schools, congregational schools, synagogues, community centers, and individual families with a variety of of opportunities to empower and enrich their youth by making these values real and meaningful to them.
Upcoming Events
11/3- 2-3pm- Bergen County Mitzvah Clowning at CareOne

11/4, 11/11- 6:30-7:30pm- Music & Morals @ Shaarey Tefilla

11/5, 11/12, 11/19- 6:30-8pm- Follow the Leader @ Westchester Jewish Center

11/6, 11/13, 11/20- 6-7:30pm - Music & Morals @ Temple Israel

11/6, 11/13, 11/20- 6:30-8pm- Mitzvah Clowning @ CSAIR

11/13, 11/20- 7:30-7:50pm- Follow the Leader in Scarsdale

11/17- 5-7pm- Phil & Anthony @ Rosenthal JCC

11/24- 4-5pm- Bergen County Mitzvah Clowning at Bright Side Manor

For more information, visit our Events Page!

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