Hello Friends!

In this edition of the CTS Telecom Texas Township Newsletter, we've got a lot of exciting news to report.

You've probably seen our construction crew working along Q Avenue the last few weeks.

You'll be pleased to know they've already completed installing underground conduit all the way from Angling Rd. to 10th St., and should be all the way down to 8th St. by the end of this week.

This crew is installing an average of 2,000 feet of conduit per day!
In addition to Q Ave, our crew have also begun installing underground conduit and above-ground "pedestals" on Stapleton Dr. and Dorval Rd.

Thanks for welcoming us into your community! We'll be serving you for many years to come!
In other news, we recently had some "bird's eye" drone photography work done in your area by Innovative Media Group.

Click their name and check out their website! We'll have some images to share in the next edition of this newsletter.