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Something Good Came Out Of COVID19!

Because of COVID19 there are fewer people on the road, here in Valparaiso. Although more and more people are going back to work, there are still a lot of people still side-lined.

We decided to do something about it!

To be honest, it will make things easier on us. And, you know that we always let you know the costs of the services you are signing up for in advance.

So, this is what we've decided here at Forever In Stitches:

  • Quilters' Dream Batting Poly Request price is now included in the longarming charges. If you want to upgrade to other thicknesses or types, such as cotton select, you'll just pay the difference in the retail price. This will really make it easier and less expensive for your when you mail your quilt in - no more needing to send the batting. However, if you want to use your batting we will happily comply, but the price remains the same.

  • Solid color thread is now also included in the price of the longarming. No more wanting to pay all of the charges in advance, but not knowing the number of bobbins. That lowers the price of variegated thread top $2.00 per bobbin.

  • No more down payments.

That's as simple as we can make it. All this and the price remains the same for longarming!

What's the benefit for us?

Happy customers, primarily. But we also love Quilters' Dream Batting products because they are so uniform in quality within bolts and between bolts...They're the best! This is our way of discouraging the use of lesser quality batting.

We also don't have to track the number of bobbins being used. That can be harder than it appears when you have multiple quilts being completed on our two machines in a day.

We trust this has been informative.
Enjoy your blessings!
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