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A Little Love....
So, 2020 is finally behind us but 2021 hasn’t shown itself to be a massive improvement (or shown any of us much love), yet!

We’re remaining as optimistic as possible given the daily news—at least vaccines are moving forward.

Since this is the month of, we’re taking a break from any hard-hitting news or how to’s or do’s and don’ts or whatever!

This month we just want to show a little love to our residents; we hope you have a blissful month and that anything you are hoping for comes to fruition (New job? Promotion? New love? Baby news?)

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and may you enjoy it with someone you love!

Oh, and because we love you, we’ve got a little surprise. This email goes out to everyone at the same time so everyone has the same chance and if you are in the habit of opening and reading this, even better!

The first 10 residents that email marketing a valentine’s message (even a emoji will do!) will receive a small valentine’s day surprise! Just a little something to say we love you!

The FPM Properties Team

We do need to remind you (if you were unaware) that we suspended late fees at the beginning of the pandemic as a courtesy; those have been reinstated as of Oct. (if you have questions/want more specifics, email marketing)
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