April/May, 2019


WWCM is building a Landlord Engagement Team to 
develop relationships with landlords to support 
the HOME ProjectAnnika Spivey, our Social  Worker and Client Advocate, is looking to grow the community of landlords with  whom she works to help neighbors in crisis find and keep stable housing.  "We are looking for volunteers who are familiar with th e business world because we want to approach landlords with the message that working with WWCM ma kes good business sense. WWCM can help reduce evictions and strengthen landlord/tenant relationships for longer-ter m housing stability. As we begin working with landlords on re ducing lease turnover, volunteers can help us make new connections and get the word out about this opportunity."

While WWCM is certainly looking for volunteers who have experience with realty, or with being a landlord, we know that "people have gifts and skills that they don't necessarily equate to the nonprofit world - business skills and being business savvy. We would love to equip volunteers with these skills to use them on behalf of folks we serve."

Through the HOME Project, Annika works with clients by
  • facilitating client-led goal-making,
  • identifying the actions a client can take to realize their goals for housing and financial stability,
  • assisting the client in planning step by step, how they can make changes, and
  • identifying what WWCM can do to help (may include some financial assistance, connections with other resource partners, and regular meetings to keep things moving and maintain accountability to the plan).
Annika would like for the Landlord Engagement Team to share with prospective landlords more about this client-led work. "We want to help landlords to see a piece of our vision. We want to help landlords understand who their clients are, see what a difference stable housing makes for people, and see how WWCM clients grow and how their situation improves because they have a stable place to be. We'd love to paint a picture for them about the ways that they can make a difference."


WWCM welcomes our newest staff member, Sherry Presnall. In her role as Donor Relations Manager, Sherry hopes to draw on her experience in fundraising to cultivate new relationships with community partners through event sponsorships, annual appeals and donor engagement activities.

Sherry has been involved in fundraising - both professionally and as a volunteer - for most of her adult life. As the former Director of Sales & Marketing for a non-profit in Washington, DC, she also brings to WWCM a thorough understanding of volunteer-driven organizations. Sherry serves as the PTA President at Apex Elementary and the Chair of the Fundraising Committee for the Apex Public School Foundation. 


Summer Stock Up: May 1 to June 15. When school is out, as many as 2100 children in the Apex area are at risk of going hungry. As schools on the traditional calendar close out their year, we're entering the time when food donations are needed most. That's why our "Summer Stock Up" food drive is so important. 

Will your club, business, church or other group help? 

If you're holding a food drive to help us re-stock our pantry, or if you'd like to start one, please let us know and we'll help you publicize! Send an email to  tammi.greco@wwcm.org with the details and we'll be sure to put it on our calendar and in our social media posts.
Items we need most include:
  • Baking products (flour, sugar, oil ...)
  • Pasta sauce (Ragu, Hunts ...)
  • Pasta
  • Canned fruit
  • Canned protein (tuna, chicken, salmon ...)
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Peanut butter
  • Ramen noodles
  • Canned vegetables (excluding corn & green beans)
  • Soup
  • Tomato products (diced, whole, sauce ...)
  • Toilet paper & paper towels
  • Household products (laundry detergent, cleaners ...)
  • Hygiene items (adult diapers, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine products, shampoo ...) Beans - canned or dried
  • Canned pasta (Chef Boyardee) 

To learn more about other scheduled food drives, items needed most, and where to make donations, contact tammi.greco@wwcm.org



Landlord Engagement Team
Partner with WWCM to identify, recruit, and retain landlords who will participate in the  HOME Project. These volunteers will become familiar with the program and be able to articulate the benefits for landlords to participate in the HOME Project. This team will work together to identify and connect with landlords in the area. Volunteers will coordinate landlord appreciation events as part of recruitment & retention.  Skills needed: ability to communicate with people about WWCM's mission, understanding of landlords' perspectives & interests. Volunteers with backgrounds in real estate, local business, or experience renting properties may be an especially good fit for this role but not necessary.

Job & Housing Search Volunteers
Work with our clients to conduct job searches and affordable housing searches. These volunteers will need to have good computer skills in order to assist clients in accessing databases and searching several websites. The role of this volunteer is to become comfortable with the job and housing resources in the area and be available during our open hours to assist clients with these searches in our lobby. Volunteers with backgrounds in human resources may be an especially good fit for this role but not necessary.  Skills needed: patience, compassion, computer fluency, understanding of job & housing search process, bilingual English/Spanish is a plus.

Spanish Translators
Assist with communicating with Spanish-speaking clients for shopping and financial assistance, work in other areas when translating services are not needed.

Resource Assistance Volunteers
Meeting one-on-one with clients: assess need and verify eligibility for financial assistance, research information (call utility or landlord), document assistance decision, provide pledge documentation, offer additional resources. Bilingual English/Spanish is a plus.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our work. Please take a moment to look at the many ways you can help: 



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