Volume I | June 2019
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I am excited to introduce this first edition of the BE Phenomenal Newsletter. Team Phenomenal is always looking for ways you may stay connected and engaged with our amazing audience. Our newsletter will have articles and information relevant to mental health and wellness. You can also look forward to articles submitted by your favorite artists, entrepreneurs, influencers, and community leaders.

We intend to make it a regular publication on a monthly schedule and announce it with an email to your box on the 15th of every month. Send us suggestions for topics or resources you need.

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Elevate Your Gratitude
Gratitude for the injustice
I remember when I lived in Arizona and was hitting the campaign trail hard, door to door in support of the then Presidential nominee, Mr. Barack Obama. I lost count of the number of people who told me, they would never vote for a black man and I’m surprised he hasn’t been killed yet…and they would say it so casually. In addition to the comments there was this strong undercurrent that raged with thoughts like, “the audacity of this African American male to have enough belief in himself and hope in the country of his enslaved ancestors to pursue something radically different and great.  

Now, fast forward and bring all that intense emotion to what we have happening in America right now with domestic terrorist mass shootings, deportation camps, hate crimes on the rise, and the countries leadership who is allowing it all. What could I possibly express gratitude for in a time in which people who look like me are being targeted at an astronomically alarming rate? Let me tell you…there are times in life where a good amount of anger will put the necessary explosion of fire in your heart to press for something better! I am grateful for the fire that the injustice towards humanity produces. We are being pushed towards uniting on the common rights of women children, and humans overall versus focusing on what all our differences are. This is truly where we want to leave this society at for the next generation---more united! 

Yours in Gratitude,