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NAMIC would like to say Thank You to our members by making you a special offer. 


Refer a friend to NAMIC by December 31st, and upon that friend joining, you will receive a discount on your renewal membership.  


The more people you refer, the better your reward! For example, if 1 of your referrals joins NAMIC, you will receive 10% off your NAMIC membership renewal. If 5 of your referrals join NAMIC, you will receive 50% off your NAMIC membership renewal. Ten new members from your referrals makes your NAMIC renewal free!


3 easy steps: 

  1. Refer a friend by copying/pasting/sending the note below.
  2. Make sure the person enters your name on their membership application.
  3. Wait for an email from NAMIC with your discount code to renew your membership.





I am a member of the National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) and think you should join too. Why? Because investing in NAMIC is investing in yourself. Whether you're new to the communications industry, a seasoned executive or a company looking for high qualified, diverse employees, NAMIC can help you. Join a community where members are of every race, multiple cultures - and they are all committed to a future in which these differences are strengths..

  • Create an important mentoring relationship by signing up for the L. Patrick Mentorship Program.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills by volunteering in your local chapter.
  • Build your network by accessing the member directory of key decision makers, creative minds, and other contributors to this ever-changing industry.
  • Receive discounts on national and local events.
  • Gain access to top employers through the NAMIC Job Bank.

Click here to join by December 31! Please remember to type my name in the "Referred by" field so I may receive a referral discount.