Calling All Vegans!

Chill out with this new Vegan Medicinal Mushroom Broth! It is truly unique! This broth combines medicinal mushrooms with a hint of seaweed, garlic and ginger for a deliciously umami taste. Check out Bluebird Provisions for more info!
MacKellar Farms offers Canada’s first locally grown, 100% all natural edamame. Grown and packaged according to the highest Canadian food safety standards using state of the art vegetable handling technology, their edamame is non-GMO and irresistibly delicious.
Zen Budda is a creamy, buttery-style spread made with premium, high quality organic extra-virgin coconut and olive oil and hemp; this infusion is designed to increase immunity, metabolism and heal the body. It spreads and tastes like butter, but is completely raw, vegan and packaged in a re-usable amber glass jar.

"Spread the health!" and use Zen Budda; "It's a budda like no udda!" 
Tempeh is fermented soy food that is Vegan, gluten-free, high in protein, and made in Canada.It’s made with a fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake, sort of like a veggie burger patty. It contains more vitamins, dietary fiber, and protein than tofu.

Noble Bean tempeh is delicious. It's nutty flavor and firm texture makes it a great meat alternative and perfect addition to any healthy meal. Steaming, baking, and frying are all popular ways of preparing tempeh.

For Your Sweet Tooth!
Did you know that ALL of our VEGAN baked goods are also Gluten Free?! Find them on our Vegan/Gluten Free shelf!

Calling All Carnivores!
We are now taking orders for Easter Hams, NB Turkeys, and NB free-range Chickens!

Call Tyler in our Meat Department at 849-6823 to order yours today!

P.S. - Don't forget about our BUTTER ROLLS! Call 849-0464 to place your Easter order!
This Week's Specials

Pork Sirloin

T-Bone Steak
Specials in effect April 4 - April 10, 2019
Cochran's Country Market | 106 Hampton Road, Rothesay, NB