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In October and November, we have several new visiting and guest practitioners at Gallery Helios. Among these are Tama-Do Academy graduate and practitioner Shervin Boloorian, raw chef Sharon Galistan and gong meditation faciliator and Kundalini yoga instructor Choong Han Ni. The halls of Gallery Helios will be resounding with the beautiful tones of quite an assortment of acoustic instruments. From singing bowls and tuning forks to gongs. Sound healing is a deep and powerful way to realign and harmonize the body on many levels.


Come experience the different sound healing techniques and see how your body responds to each.


Also upcoming are a variety of workshops and practitioner certification training courses.  Further details are available on the Gallery Helios website - just click the links. Also look out for updates on our facebook page.


Gallery Helios


Editor's Note 

Sound is primal and reaches deep into the cells. From quantum science we now know everything is a vibration. EVERYTHING is energy. Research has shown that everything has a specific frequency, including different parts of our body, from spinal joints to organs. 

The impact of sound therapy is amazing. And the possibilities are now filtering into the mainstream for all of us to enjoy and benefit from.

In October and November we have sound healing with in-house practitioner Antoinette Biehlmeier and Claudia Hofmaier as well as new visiting practitioners Shervin Boloorian and Choong Han Ni. Syv Bruzeau is also continuing her Oneness Flow - each session is different, many of which works with sounds!

Come experience deeply healing and relaxing sounds.

And for a bit of a change, raw chef Sharon Galistan will be "cooking" up a storm. Through her Raw Food Made Easy workshop series, Sharon will show us how simple and delicious raw and living foods can be. Her workshops include both demos and tastings, from smoothies to raspberry chocolate cake. For me, finding yummy, nutritious and easy breakfast foods to start my busy day is the challenge and I'm definitely looking forward to her workshops. 

MeditationMeditation on a Wave
by Siewfan Wong

"The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon, and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remains oneself. Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?" 
-Oscar Wilde, De Profundis 
  Meditating on a Wave
The wave contemplates the concept of Source and its perception of self. It looks and sees that it is made of the water. And within itself it sees the sunlight and the wind. It looks deeper and sees that earth and space is there too. The wave is related to the lake and the lake is related to the clouds and the rain, and the grass that grows and the animals that eat them. It is the raging river and the frozen arctic ice. The ice cube in the lemonade and the newborn kitten in the kitchen. And the whole earth, the  galaxy and all the galaxies in the universe, and all the other universes; unfolding, expanding, Source experiencing itself.
The wave knows that she is wave or not-wave, and snow and mist and thunderous waterfall; sequentially and concurrently. In the present moment a wave is writing on snowflakes that became a tree, drinking a glacier sitting on a cloud in the milky way. And in the here and now a wave is breathing and knowing, and channelling reality.

Nowhere to be except here. Nothing to do except smile.


FingerYogaRudra Mudra
Finger Yoga
Rudra Mudra


A mudra is an energetic seal and helps connects the energetic pathways in the body. Mudras are used in meditation, yoga, dance, etc, and can involve just the fingers or the entire body.


Mudras can help a variety of physical, emotional or mental imbalances. Or they can help support your spiritual journey.


According to the Five Elements Theory, the earth element is associated with centering and grounding. The Rudra Mudra strengthens the earth element and the organs the element rules over - stomach and spleen/pancreas. 


Are you feeling uncentered?


Insufficient earth energy can result in a lack of energy in the head, which can be felt as dizziness, listlessness or heaviness. 


The Rudra Mudra is also supportive for people with heart complaints, descent of interior organs and exhaustion.


Join Antoinette in her Finger Yoga series in October and November to learn more how simple finger yoga can help improve your sense of wellness and well-being.


Finger Yoga  

Facilitator: Antoinette Biehlmeier

Fees:$130 for Finger Yoga 1 - 3 or $300 for all 3 and $200 for Finger Yoga 4


Finger Yoga 1 - 2

Dates: Saturdays, 6 & 20 October & 3 November 2012

Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm


Module 4

Date: Saturday 24 November 2012

Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm


click here for more details


email Antoinette for enquiries or to register at


SMSound Medicine Meditation
with Shervin Boloorian

Join us for an evening of Sound Medicine meditation with Shervin. Based in Bali, Shervin is a sound therapy practitioner and will be facilitating this multi-instrumental journey.
Sound Medicine is a relaxation exploration of natural acoustic instruments and overtones to support and balance the body's energy centers and subtle bodies. Silk colour scarves, singing bowls and essences will be just some of the tools Shervin will use to incorporate scientific and shamanic principles to soothe and stimulate the listeners.
Sound Meditation
Date: Thursday 6 October 2012
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm
Facilitator: Shervin Boloorian
Fees: $35

Shervin Boloorian is a graduate of Fabien Maman's Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. (Maman is renowned for being the founding father of vibrational sound therapy). Shervin is co-founder of the Bali Sound Healers Collective.

To register email Kah Keh at or Shervin at

ByronKatieWorking Byron Katie
By Siewfan Wong

At Toni's prodding, and it didn't take long, I decided to go into retreat. It's been long overdue, and I guess I've been a bit of a grouch. There were no conveniently timed meditation retreat in the vicinity, so I took the 2 weeks I was accorded to and shut myself in my urban cave instead. Since we've just done a weekend The Work of Byron Katie workshop, I thought I'd go through all the Byron Katie material I could find and hunker down to work. 


This is what I found.

  • There are no new stressful thoughts in the history of humanity. Across race, language and culture, they are the same.
  • These thoughts are not personal to us. They pop up when events in our lives occur. Then we believe them and suffer; or we could investigate them and invite the truth to manifest, and not suffer. Thoughts like
    • My parents don't love me
    • I don't want to look stupid
    • People are not trustworthy
    • The world is a dangerous place
    • There's got to be something better 
  • Suffering is the story of the ego. Ego tries to re-create what essence already is. Why? Because it thinks it is separate. It is the ego who is identified with and attached to the suffering. The ego suffers. That's what egos do to exist.

read more 


The Work of Byron Katie can be found on her website The Work. All the resources are free and can be utilized by anyone to help them have a better relationship with their thoughts, the source of our pain and suffering. 


For those who participated in Tim McLean's workshop and are interested in deeper exploration with both the Enneagram and The Work, Siewfan will be facilitating a practice circle. Details to follow.


SharonRaw Food Made Easy Series
with Sharon Galistan

Burger from Raw Chef  

Looking for ways to be healthy and have delicious food?

Looking to lose weight, have increased energy or improve your complexion?

Raw and living food is the way to go.


Raw and living foods are foods that have not been cooked or heated above 46 degrees centigrade or artificially preserved. It is essentially pure, fresh, vibrant, enzyme-rich, oxygen-rick, unadulterated, whole organic living food.


A well-managed raw and living diet can contribute to weight control, more energy, clear skin and improved insulin tolerance. Living foods are alkaline and reduce acidity in the body, preventing disease.


Join raw chef Sharon Galistan in her Raw Food Made Easy series in November. Each workshop includes demos and tastings so you can experience living vibrant foods.


The Basics

Date: Saturday 3 November 2012 

Time: 10.30am - 12:30pm 

Fees: $60

Jumpstart Your Day: Breakfast Ideas

Date: Saturday 10 November 2012

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm

Fees: $60


Pure Bliss: Healthy Desserts

Date: Saturday 17 November 2012

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm

Fees: $80


Healthy Snacking

Date: Saturday 24 November 2012

Time: 10.30am - 12.30pm

Fees: $80 


Easy Savoury Lunch and Dinner Recipes
Date: Saturday, 1 December 2011

Time:10:30am to 12:30pm
Fees: $80


Register for all 5 and receive $30 off.

To register email or call/sms 9012 1933.


click here for more details


Sharon Galistan is a certified raw food chef, instructor and health educator. She is a graduate of Elaina Love's Pure Joy Culinary Academy and created Rawlicious to provide group and corporate workshops, private coaching, retreats and a one-stop for essential raw food equipment. She is excited to share the secrets to living healthy and to help others get started on the path to healthy eating and vibrant living. 


sensorySensory Meditation
with Antoinette Biehlmeier and Claudia Hofmaier

Join Antoinette and Claudia for a sensory meditation, using therapeutic essential oils to enter a deeper state of relaxation.

Sound healing with the Himalayan Singing Bowls is an amazing powerful experience.
The evening ends with a stimulation of the taste buds to round up the sensory experience.

Sensory Meditation
Date: Tuesdays 2 October & 6 November 2012
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm
Fees: $25
Facilitators: Antoinette Biehlmeier and Claudia Hofmaier

email either Antoinette or Claudia for enquiries or registration at or
CHNGong Immersion & Gong Meditation
with Choong Han Ni

"Your mind, your thoughts, your molecules, your existence psyche, and electromagnetic psyche have no power over this sound."


The Gong Meditation is a unique experience that creates deep relaxation. The sound waves bring the subconscious mind to a balanced and meditative state, facilitating the movement of prana throughout the body and psyche. 


The gong's vibrations stimulate the glandular system to a higher level of functioning, rejuvenate the parasympathetic nervous system (ruled by sound) and regulate sympathetic nervous system (ruled by sight). 


Join Han Ni in this sound odyssey as she creates an ocean of healing sounds with specially-designed gongs. No physical or mental efforts are required to move you into such a meditative state.


Gong Immersion & Gong Meditation

Date: Thursday 1 November 2012

Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm

Facilitator: Choong Han Ni 

Fees: $45


click here for more details


To register email 


Choong Han NiChoong Han Ni is a certified teacher in Kundalini, Hatha, Prenatal and Children's Yoga and a Pranic Healer with a Diploma in Aromatherapy from CARE Institute USA. Han Ni lives in Malaysia, where she and her mom opened Inner Peace Yoga Circle, where students may relate to the sacredness and peace in each as they laugh, enjoy, dance and sing.   


What's On 

in October 


Courses and Events 




Until 23 November

Kundalini Yoga



2 October



3 - 6 October

1 on 1 Sound Therapy



6 October 

Finger Yoga 1  



6 October

Sound Medicine



6 & 7 October

Nutripuncture Practitioner Level 1 Module 2



9 & 16 October

Oneness Flow



13 & 14 October

Nutripuncture Practitioner Level 1 Module 3



18 October

Essential Oils for Digestive Health



20 October

 Finger Yoga  2



21 October

NLP Refresher Training


Click links to register or call us to learn more.  

What's On 
in November 
Courses and Events

2 - 4 November

3 November

3 November

3 November

6 November 

10 November
Raw Food Made Easy
Jumpstart with Your Day - Breakfast Ideas

16 - 18 November

19 November
Raw Food Made Easy
Pure Bliss - Healthy Desserts
24 November
Raw Food Made Easy
Healthy Snacking 
24 November

30 November - 2 December

Shervin1 on 1 Sound Therapy
with Shervin Boloorian 

"Sound healing should be an artistic synthesis of beauty, harmony and inspiration. Sound healing is an expression of love. The soul must be nourished and given hope for the body to heal." - Fabien Maman


Tama-Do sound therapy is based on decades of sound healing research and practical application. From this work comes the framework of a subtle structure that shows linkages between sound and DNA, acupuncture meridians, organs, chakras and energy fields. Kirlian photography has shown the changes in the energetic fields of human cells when exposed to different sound frequencies. Research also shows that each cell has its own "fundamental note". 


For a variety of reasons, blockages occur in our energy fields and can lead to physical imbalance. Physicist Joel Sternheimer found that the molecules of a defective organic structure did not vibrate but will resume once their "fundamental notes" are heard. It was found that colour, sound and movement effectively dissolve the blockages, clearing the energy fields.


Sound therapy is known to provide a non-invasive and natural support for many physical conditions, ranging from arthritis and sports injuries to behavioural difficulties and speech problems.


From 3 - 6 October, Tama-Do practitioner Shervin Boloorian is available for sound therapy sessions. Shervin is trained in a variety of Tama-Do Vibrational Therapies and 


1 on 1 Sound Therapy

Dates: Tuesday to Saturday, 3 - 6 October 2012

Facilitator: Shervin Boloorian

Fees: $150 for a 90-minute session


email Antoinette at to book a session with Shervin.


Shervin BoloorianShervin Boloorian is a certified sound therapy practitioner and graduate of Fabien Maman's Tama-Do "Way of the Soul" Academy. Tama-Do is a program of non-invasive vibrational therapies using sound, color and movement to nourish the human energy system and aid the body in the recovery of its own balance in health. 


Trained in a series of techniques, including tuning fork on acupuncture point therapy, musical spine and acoustic sound harmonization, Shervin supports each individual's "inner calling". He does this "to release tension and provide the inspiration to positively engage with community, communicate with coworkers, and reintegrate with loved ones."


EOEssential Oils for Digestive Health
with Claudia Hofmaier 


Everyday Oils

Essential oils were one of mankind's first medicines and have been used for thousands of years for healing as evidenced from Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese manuscripts. 


Essential oils are steam distilled from plants. This process of extraction preserves the life force of the original plants and captures it in the distillate.


An essential oil in a plant has a similar function as blood in our human body. It regenerates, oxygenates and provides immune defense properties.


In this workshop, Claudia introduced specific essential oils that can support your management of conditions such as bloating, indigestion and constipation - maintaining a healthy gut.


Essential Oils for Digestive Health

Date: Thursday 18 October 2012

Time: 7.30 - 9.30pm

Facilitator: Claudia Hofmaier

Fees: $15


 click here for more details


For more information or register please email or sms Claudia at or at 9759 8675


Claudia has been using essential oils for many years. She is a certified Massage Therapist (ITEC) and has taken the CARE training through the Centre of Aromatherapy and Education in the USA, including Chemistry of Essential Oils and Raindrop Therapy Training. She is very passionate about the usage of essential oils as she has experiences the effects first hand.


FullBodyHealthy Oil Free Cooking
with Mayura Mohta
The Heart Smart Oil-Free CookbookMayura Mohta, nutrition consultant and health writer, is joining Gallery Helios as a guest practitioner. She will be offering individual sessions and workshops, both in-house and for corporate venues. 
She is the co-author of the new book The Heart Smart Oil-Free Cookbook. This is a topic close to her heart.
A proponent of plant-based diet, Mayura also believes in moderation. She knows that hardcore or sudden changes in habit do not work for most people. For them, she advises a 80-20 rule of thumb. 80% healthy and conscious eating. The key is choosing nutrient-dense (not calorie-dense) foods.
There are many different opinions on what a healthy diet is. To get some recommendations and tips, here are some questions we asked Mayura.


What is a vegan diet?
That is a diet that includes no animal products. The diet is based on plants - legumes, beans, greens, lentils, fish, no eggs, no dairy.


People say olive oil and avocado oil are good for us...are they not good when they are cooked or just not good for us at all?
For heart patients specifically and for people who tend to have obesity or excessive weight gain, no oil is the policy. You can have a bit of nuts and seeds - raw. Even if you don't soak them, as long as the nuts and seeds aren't toasted. 


So I see it as two-fold - knowing you have to make a healthy choice and getting what you want on the go or when you are working 10 hours...what would you advise?
There are a lot of options in Singapore. Things like wraps are good. But you can also have our local foods. We have lots of brown rice and vegetables in the food courts. The Singapore government is initiating healthy eating and most food courts are now required to serve brown rice. 


Smoothies are also a good choice - it's a meal in a glass. There are many smoothie recipes in the cookbook.


Speaking of smoothies, what do you like?
Broccoli, pineapple, lime, orange...You can add seeds and nuts, if you want. You can have a banana, almonds, ...You can put in agave or dates, apricots - anything naturally sweet. I normally pre-soak what I want to use. I use goji berries - any berries - they are good for antioxidants. I soak my seeds and the dried fruits for about 1/2 hour. Chia seeds and flaxseeds get soaked. So you can soak these and add them to your smoothie to increase the thickness. 


read more



Mayura Mohta
Mayura Mohta is a Singapore-based nutrition consultant and a health writer. She is a qualified fitness and wellness coach and has an academic background in biochemistry, microbiology and nutritional science.
In 2010 Mayura founded Healthfriend, a social enterprise that combines her love for health and fitness with her desire to contribute to community welfare. 
Mayura believes in prevention and reversal of disease through a plant-based diet. She has co-authored "The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook" which is launching October 2012.


Quote of the Month 





It opens all dimensions of one's being - from ancestral memories to cosmic purpose...Your are flying between heaven and earth.


Your heart, your emotion, your spirit is free!


You are one with the sound. 

You are one with the silence...





Fabien Maman on sound and music



Who is Who at Gallery Helios? 
Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers

Siewfan Wong
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, DeepDive Coaching, Chios Master Teacher, EFT, Enneagram, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Nutripuncture, MBA

Antoinette Biehlmeier 
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Regression Therapy, Nutripuncture, Dorn Method, NAET, InnerDynamics & InnerTune Therapy, NLP Coach

Simon Wong 
Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Cert. NLP and NLP New Code Trainer (ITANLP). Master Trainer and Facilitator (NLP University), MBA Strategic Marketing

Ho Kah Keh  Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Leadership development, Performing Arts, Branding

Anthea Lim
Rolfing Structural Integration´┐Ż, NLP Coach

Claudia Hofmaier
Indigo Quantum Biofeedback  & Raindrop Therapy, ITEC, CARE, QCE, Mind Energy Coach 

Mukhtiar Singh 
Homeopathy, LIFE System´┐Ż Biofeedback, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Earth Holographic Crystal Therapy, Dorn Method

Dr. Modh Rashidinz PhD, ND
Naturopathy, Traditional Malay Medicine, Manipulative Therapies

Sandra Tonkinson
Writer, Editor, Photographer, Jin Shin Jyutsu & Access Bars™ Practitioner

Visiting Practitioners, Instructors and Teachers

Jane Grafton
 - Laughter Yoga facilitator

Adam Fazlur - Kundalini Yoga facilitator

Choong Han Ni - Gong Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Mayura Mohta - Nutritional Counseling

Pascale Bernard - Nutripuncture Instructor

Sharon Galistan - Raw Food Chef

Shervin Boloorian
 - Tama-Do Academy practitioner & graduate, Sound Medicine

Syv Bruzeau - Moving Resonance and Oneness Flow teacher



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