It was a bit of of a struggle getting today's PGG out; I think because there is so much going on in the energetic soup, it's hard to pinpoint or get a handle on it, and I am just as susceptible as anyone else! So I have done my best to hone in on what might be helpful for you here...

Whether you are experiencing a lot of activity in and around your life and/or are directly connected with any of the external events happening the world, you might feel like you're approaching or are in the midst of an invisible tsunami of varying degrees. Or maybe you just feel "off."

Perhaps there are lots of feelings surfacing, maybe some old stuff you thought you had resolved needs one last sweeping out, or simply old patterns and behaviors that really have to go are popping up so you can give them the final heave-ho (with compassion, knowing that they likely served you at some point). As I remind all my clients, detoxing never feeeeels good in the moment, but you will always feel better after!

And today's PGG below reminds us that whatever it is, know that it's saying "hello" (probably not in the most comfortable/convenient way...!) in order to be released. And trust that whatever is changing needs to be changed and is for your highest good.

The main thing is that we do our best to be as gentle, patient and compassionate with ourselves as possible - and forgiving of ourselves when we're not. And give others the benefit of the doubt as they too are dealing with their stuff just the same, but perhaps with less awareness...

Speaking of which, the theme of forgiveness in general is especially helpful at this time, keeping in mind that forgiveness of yourself or others doesn't condone anything, it is simply about letting things go so they don't have a hold on or take up space in you any longer.

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Today's PGG Video of the Week is about the importance of emotions and feeling your feelings. This week's Instagram post is a recent message about how you are not alone that seemed to resonate with many, and this one about the importance of being seen and sharing our authentic selves with each other. And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week, how about a little pick-me-up with Stevie Wonder's Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

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Big Hug <3

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