Good morning,

"The birth of Jesus reminds us that God worked through real people with real challenges. He didn’t choose a fairy-tale princess to bear the Savior, but rather an unwed peasant girl. He didn’t choose a political or business success story to name and care for Jesus, but rather a man with his own doubts and questions who wanted to do the right thing but needed angelic guidance to accomplish it.

All of this helps flesh out the name Immanuel that Matthew draws from Isaiah to apply to Jesus. 'God with us.' That is, God coming to be with us as we are. Not as we know we should be, or are trying to be, or have promised to be, or will be some day, but with us as we are now, today, in this moment. "

- David Lose, Senior Pastor at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, MN

The message this weekend is called "Something to Believe In." I can’t wait to share what God is putting on my heart.

See you Sunday,