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These early-year winter months can feel like a never-ending slog. To get through them we recommend setting milestones to work towards; little flashes of cheer to punctuate the incredibly grey, damp days ahead. What kind of things are we talking about? Well, Mark is off to Florida to coach the under 21 national level sprinters in April, Adam will be taking his stamina to new heights at the annual mountain rave in Austria come April and Claire is looking to educate further and add to her yoga qualifications.
Want some incentives of your own? Sign up to one of our many upcoming events listed down below.
A little something just for you 
Our 45min Personal Training sessions are proving remarkably popular this January and are perfect for anyone looking to dial up their fitness levels while nailing form and technique. If you haven't tried them yet, here's the perfect opportunity to perfect your form and techniques so you can confidently stake your place in our array of classes.... try Personal Training as a stepping stone to our classes! 
  • Buy 5 x PT sessions  get 3 classes free
  • Buy 10 X PT sessions get 4 classes free
  • Buy 20 X PT sessions get 6 classes free
SMALL GROUP PT:- For those who want the benefits of Personal Training but at a smaller price tag, check out our  Small Group PT: Strength (Tuesday and Thursday evenings) and  Core & Mobility classes (Saturday 12-1pm, more coming soon). Try 5 x 60 minute sessions for £100, that's just £20 per session. (use code GROUPT to get £15 off)


HiPerZone  Endurance - now featuring brand new stations - is appearing more frequently on the timetable. Keep 'em peeled. We're also in the process of updating Power sessions too, so that's something to forward too. 

If you haven't already, take a look at our HiPerZone and Pilates chair videos. We're really proud of them and we're in the process of adding two more promo reels for Boxing and Power Plate so keep your eyes peeled for the launch campaigns in February.
CIRCUITZONE returns on Sunday 25th February 10.30-11.45am hosted by coaches Rob and Vesna , it's not our usual class, the whole studio become a mass circuit and the theme will be boxing, bag work, pads, skills and conditioning, recover with a late breakfast afterwards. Bring plenty of enthusiasm and as many pals as you can muster. 

So, back to winter goals. We're keen to plan a range of fitness milestones throughout the year to motivate us to get fit. With that in mind we've signed up to a Tough Mudder Half (it's only 5 miles!) in Henley on May 6th. Fancy joining us? The more the merrier, so get in touch to register your place in the team.

If you haven't registered yet, you can register and join the team here

If you've already registered, you can join the team here

You can also find more information at the event website
If that doesn't float your boat, maybe the Adidas Fulham 10k will? It takes place on March 18th and you can get £5 off when you sign up using the code TRANSITIONZONERUN to get £5 off. The course is flat and local - perfect for smashing personal bests. 
BOGOF Valentine's Day
Don't have a romantic partner at the moment? No biggie. On 14th February we're celebrating our very own "Palentine's" Day! Sign up to any class on Wednesday night (Boxing, Power Plate or HiPerZone) and your pal, bestie, BFF comes free. You know what they say, those who sweat together stay together... just book yourself in and call/email us to book your Palentine in! 

Every month we'll be calling on nutritionist and health writer, Emma Bardwell, to give us the intel on the latest in the world of wellbeing. With a 14k Instagram following and a much visited blog , it's fair to say Emma has her finger firmly on the pulse. Here she tells why we should all consider checking our vitamin D status.
Vitamin D - or the sunshine vitamin as it's known - is actually a hormone that we make after exposing our skin to the sun. It's made of fat-soluble compounds - the most important ones being D2 and D3 - which help to increase gut absorption of things like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate, and zinc, which are crucial for healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. Research has linked vitamin D deficiency to an increased likelihood of getting colds and flu, as well as poor bone health, SAD and depression - among others.
Unfortunately, lack of sun exposure during winter months means that many of us are low in vitamin D, which is why the Department for Health advises people to consider taking a 10 mcg supplement from October to March. I'm not a huge fan of pills over food but in this case there does seem to be a good case. I particularly like a D3 and K2 combination as marrying the two helps bind calcium in the bone matrix. NutriAdvanced do a good one here.
You can also get vitamin D from food, but sources are quite limited. Try oily fish, egg yolks, Portobello mushrooms and fortified foods such as plant milks and some cereals. For a double whammy of calcium and vitamin, plump for canned salmon and sardines - great on wholemeal toast as a snack or added into fish cakes.
If you're already talking a multivitamin, check the label for dosages as you're probably covered. Although uncommon, it is possible to overdose. If you feel you might be deficient or are worried at all, ask your GP for a blood test to check your levels.
And on that magical note, we'll sign off.
See you real soon,


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