March 2022
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Tucson 2022 is in the rear view mirror! It was great to re-connect with our faceting friends and cousins at the various events and shows.

It was exciting to be able to get back to face-to-face activities this year. Though the last two years have been encouraging due to the large numbers of new people entering the gem faceting and glass fields for the first time -- TGMS and The Faceter's Symposium proved there is no replacement for real live meet-ups.

We look forward to more events throughout the year.
Tucson Wrap - It's Good to Be Back... In Person
At the USFG Tucson Faceter's Symposium at the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club (OPLC), The USFG put together a very strong line-up of lectures and events. A big shout out to Kell Hymer and Dan Lynch. We were very pleased to be associated with the event.

The pictures above show the line-up of ULTRA TEC machines for viewing (thanks to Dave Smith of Faceters Paradise) and Nolan Sponsler demo'ing the FANTASY MACHINE during the event. Thanks to all the lecturers, organizers and attendees!
The video above gives you a good idea of the vibe of the TGMS Conference this year. Visitors were upbeat, glad to be back at 'real' shows and ready to facet!

Interest was high on the ULTRA TEC booth, driven by the presence of the VL Classic machine and the new 12-inch lap GLASS TEC machine.

Thanks to the Booth Team - Dave Smith, Karen & Scott Sucher, Tom Ross, Tom Mitchell Ron Snelling and everyone who gave us a helping hand!

Meet The "Cube"
Dichroic Glass ‘Cube’, cut by Scott Sucher, on the ULTRA TEC Booth at TGMS 2022 - The cube is over 4 inches on a side and shows the capabilities and possibilities of the GLASS TEC machine.
New Representative
Bob Davidson in Maryland
We welcome Bob Davidson!

"My interest in rocks started when I was a Boy Scout and earned the Geology Merit Badge. I started faceting in 1996 with a low-end machine and taught myself through trial and error. In 2005 I had the opportunity to buy an ULTRA TEC I jumped at it. I added a Digital Angle Dial (DAD) and have been using it ever since. I’ve been teaching cabochon cutting and faceting for over 20 years.

 In 2013 I started the Clearwater Lapidary Club at the Nature Center in Clinton, Maryland. We have about 40 members with interests in all aspects of lapidary. (Learn more at
I’m proud to be a representative for ULTRA TEC and look forward to meeting people in my area who would like more information about faceting on the best machines available."

Contact Bob at [email protected]
Article: "Faceting Your First Ten Gemstones" by Mark Oros
Renowned faceter and ULTRA TEC dealer, Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones & Gems, has recently written a new article with new faceters in mind - especially when live instruction may not be possible. We are pleased to share it with you.

"Faceting Your First Ten Gemstones" makes many excellent suggestions for getting into good habits so you can become quickly proficient and receive the rewards of the gem faceting.

Visit the Hashnu Website

Featured Instructional Video - Faceting an Eye Design Gemstone Video by "Gems by mbk"
More Video suggestions to pique your interest can be found at our
in Rock & Gem Magazine
Still Available!
2022 "Tools of The Trade" Feature

The February 2022 issue of Rock & Gem Magazine featured a section on ULTRA TEC users and their experiences with our equipment.

Thanks to Andrew Stuart, Tara Coomber, Jack Chong, and Nolan Sponsler for sharing your stories and words of wisdom!

Pick up your own copy of the magazine at booksellers and newsstands, or purchase a hard copy or a download at this link
VL Classic Faceting Machine
The Newest Member of the Faceting Team!
ULTRA TEC is proud to offer the VL Classic Faceting Machine.

VL incorporates both brand new and classic features and is sturdy and responsive. VL is designed for both new and experienced cutters -who may well appreciate VL’s quality build and ease-of-use.

Full VL machine packages start from only US $3,790.

Rapidly becoming a ‘new classic’, VL is available with the Analog Angle Dial and Dial Indicator Readout (Standard), or upgraded with the Digital Angle Display (DAD), which replaces the Analog Angle Dial & Dial Indicator.
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The World's Finest Faceting Equipment...
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