Some Common Questions Answered
Which Do I Apply First? Stain or Sealant?
The answer to this question depends mainly on which sealant is used and how you want your home to look.

Sealant Choice

If you’re using Perma-Chink chinking, we recommend staining your home first with a Lifeline stain of your choice, then seal the log gaps with Perma-Chink, and finish with Lifeline Advance Topcoat. The application of Advance will make the home easier to clean (recommended two times per year).
What is "Back-Brushing" & Why is it Important?
All of our finish labels and application instructions emphasize the necessity for back-brushing during the application process.

What exactly is "back-brushing" and why is it so important? Back-brushing is the term we use to describe the process of working the finish into the wood and obtaining an intact, uniform film over the entire surface. The term back-brushing is typically used when referring to applying stain with an airless sprayer; however, back-brushing is just as important if the product is manually applied with a brush.
Should I Choose Advance Gloss or Satin?
Occasionally we get asked which performs better, Advance Gloss or Advance Satin?

When it comes to performance and longevity there is no doubt about it, a gloss topcoat will outperform a satin topcoat. Why? The most important factor is reflectivity. A smooth glossy surface reflects more ultraviolet (UV) light than a less reflective or dull one. This is why automotive finishes don't come in satin versions, and why a shiny coat of wax helps retain a vehicle's color.
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