Upcoming Dates to Remember

October 11
NO SCHOOL - Teacher In-Service Day
School Accountability Committee 6:00 pm (Zoom link)
October 12
Futures Committee 3:30 pm

October 19
MSCS Board of Directors 6:00 pm
October 29
Día de los Muertos
November 1-2
NO SCHOOL - Parent Teacher Conferences
November 2
MSCS Board of Directors 6:00 pm 

No School Monday
October 11th
Remember -- there is no school this upcoming Monday due to the Professional Development Day. Teachers and staff will be working hard, but students will have the day off. School will resume on Tuesday, October 12th. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!
Festival of Courage
Click the photo for the video.
Last week we celebrated our Festival of Courage with stories depicting an archetypal struggle with a dragon. At Mountain Song, we try to face, befriend, and tame our dragons while respecting their intense power.  

On Friday, October 1st, our students were put to the test. We started the day in song as they brought their class shields to the morning assembly. Then they had sword fights, walked tightropes, and faced other challenges in the Obstacle Course. They made dragon bread and created dragon art. We loved seeing them stand a little taller and walk a little more sure of themselves.  

Federal Impact Aid Forms
Mountain Song could be eligible to receive Federal Impact Aid funding based on the number of qualifying forms we receive back from parents by December 6th. Federal Impact Aid funding is dedicated to providing quality education to our federally connected children. 

Children at Mountain Song who are federally connected include:
  • Students who reside on federal property (ex: military base)
  • Students whose parent or guardian serves in the military (ex: active duty)
  • Students whose parent or guardian works for the federal government or works on federal property (ex: military base, National Forest land, VA Medical Center)

If your family meets one or more of these characteristics as of October 1, 2021, please complete and return the online Impact Aid form by December 6. One form should be completed for each student.  

All information provided will be confidential. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Kreger at skreger@mountainsongschool.com.  

Dismissal Procedure
Thank you for following our dismissal procedures.
Kindergarten and elementary children are released directly to a parent or guardian at their designated spots. After this transfer, the parent / guardian is responsible for supervising their child, including if the child plays on the front playground. In such a case, parents must be in close proximity to their child.  

The entire playground is then cleared at 3:30 pm for use by our after school programs. 
Día de los Muertos
We will observe Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in school October 25-29. Our Spanish teacher, Maestra Maria Webb, will share about the festival and assist those who want to participate.

Día de los Muertos, an ancient tradition from Mexico, honors the lives of loved ones who have died and also celebrates the gift of life. Families and communities create colorful ofrendas (offerings) in honor of deceased loved ones, decorating them with photos, flowers, candles, and their loved one's favorite food. These ofrendas become meeting places for people to come together and share fond stories and remember those we cherish who have passed on.  

Día de los Muertos is not the same as Halloween, and it is not traditionally a scary festival, but rather a joyful and loving one. This link provides further information about Dia de los Muertos.  

An in-school offrenda will be created and students will be welcome to contribute. We will share more from the Internal Festival Committee in the coming weeks. 
Media Policy Reminder
As explained upon your enrollment, we ask that MSCS students are not exposed to digital media or screen-time on school nights -- Sunday through Thursday evenings -- and that a family effort to reduce children’s general exposure to media away from school is sustained.  

A strong body of evidence shows that screen time for children disrupts normal and healthy brain development, as well as negatively impacting social, emotional, and motor skill development. Of importance also are research findings demonstrating that parents’ screen time in the presence of their children negatively impacts children’s development.  

Mountain Song holds that the violence, consumerism, and passive entertainment promoted by today’s mass-media culture do not support the well-being of children. We strongly recommend limiting media viewing for children. 

The following sources provide information related to our media policy:
Parent-Teacher Conferences: 
November 1-2  
No School
Parent-teacher conferences will be held on November 1st and 2nd. Classes will NOT be in session during the parent-teacher conferences.  Child care will not be provided during this time. Teachers will send information about how to sign up for parent-teacher conferences. Parents/guardians, please check your emails for additional information, or contact your child's teacher directly with any questions about the conferences. 
Welcome Mr. Castle!
As Ms. Schirtzinger had to step back from her full-time position, we are delighted to welcome Mr. Jacob Castle into the lead Class Teacher position with the Lodgepole Pine 3rd Grade Class.  

Mr. Castle earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of North Texas. He was most recently a special education teacher in District 49. Prior to that, he was Director of Human Resources and Governmental Affairs in West Texas Centers, overseeing all functions of the designated authority for mental health and intellectual and developmental disabilities services in a 23-county area.  

His many experiences led him to pursue and fully commit to Waldorf education by first coming to Mountain Song as an assistant teacher, and now stepping into the class teacher leadership role.

We have witnessed Mr. Castle’s strengths and warm leadership in the classroom already, and are truly delighted that he is stepping so fully into this role at such a critical time. 
Farewell to Mrs. Sŏnia Cruz
We extend a warm farewell to Mrs. Sŏnia Cruz who served so capably as our Communications Liaison since the start of the 2020 school year. Mountain Song has recently shifted responsibilities internally, and Sŏnia’s last day is October 8th. We are grateful for her support of the school during the last year, including her work on the Songbird. Please join us in extending our best wishes for her next endeavors.  
Agricultural Arts Volunteers Needed!
We are looking for garden volunteers to help out on weekends and breaks throughout the fall semester. Duties include watering garden beds and feeding our animals. 

You can sign up here via our SignUp Genius. Please email Mr. Adam at awright@mountainsongschool.com if you have any questions. 

Mr. Adam Wright
Agricultural Arts Coordinator and Teacher
2021-2022 Calendar and Schedule
Please find the 2021-2022 school calendars and daily schedule for grades 1-8 at the links below. 

Mountain Song Community School | 2904 West Kiowa St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
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