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December, 2013


Merry Christmas from

Houston Music and Wellness Center

The first week of December I began making the rounds to 24 Singing Performances and 7 Drum Circles, celebrating the Season of Christmas!


As we sang together, I saw the joy of singing Christmas Carols fill the hearts of the seniors every where I went.  The smiles on their beautiful faces grew, happy tears fell, and remarkable changes in their countenance emerged as the joy of singing songs filled their hearts. 


This is why I love my job!


Thank you for another fantastic year of allowing me the opportunity to share my gift of music with each of you! 


Merry Christmas!  




(This sweet lady turned 105 the day I sang.)

5 Tips to Relax & Experience the

Joy of the Christmas Season


During the holidays we can experience a variety of emotions ranging from joyful, to stressful, and sometimes even the blues.  

Here are some tips to remain joyful, reverse stress, and stay peaceful during the holidays:


1.  Breathe in the breath of heaven and relax

2.  Read the Christmas Story in the Bible

3.  Sing with all of your heart

4.  Watch classic Christmas movies

5.  Spend quality time with friends and family celebrating the birthday of Jesus   


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Free Gift - mp3 of Silent Night

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