These Are Children, Not Bad Hombres

This week I got pissed about changes in how our government plans to treat many of the most vulnerable in our society: immigrant children who come to this country alone, largely from violent central american countries. 

I tried to inform people about the facts by penning this piece for the NY Times, which ran yesterday. 

Some on the NYT website asked: What part of illegal don't you understand? The truth: it's legal to present yourself at our border and ask for asylum if you fear persecution in your home country. My solutions are pragmatic; if you agree, please share. And...

Pulitzer Prize Centennial Celebration Includes Sonia's Essay About Becoming an Advocate

The Pulitzer Prizes recently celebrated their centennial. I was asked, as part of marking the celebration, to write about how winning the award changed me. Readers pushed me to suggest solutions to the problems I describe, and to show them how they can best bring positive change. READ MY ESSAY, which was included in a book handed out at the Pulitzer centennial dinner. I feel blessed that for my advocacy on behalf of immigrant children, I will receive the George D. Nickel Award from the University of Southern California's School of Social Work in April. I also recently received the Houston Peace & Justice Center Award.

Pulitzer Prize Centennial book and my essay

Houston Peace & Justice Center Award

Can You Help One Man's Quest To Bring Peace To One Of The Most Dangerous Places On Earth?

In my piece in the NY TIMES LAST SUMMER, I wrote about the work of evangelical Pastor Daniel Pacheco. He's determined to reduce violence in his neighborhood of Rivera Hern├índez, the most dangerous spot in the city of San Pedro Sula, which for four years running was the "murder capitol of the world." Many of you gave generously.

Thank you!

The funds raised weren't enough to buy back a house the pastor had used as an outreach center for neighborhood children. But the $5,670 allowed the pastor, who is also a part-time carpenter, to buy a car and a pick-up truck so he could hire wanna-be gangsters and keep them out of trouble by putting them to work making wooden closets. The vehicles allowed the pastor to bid on contracts and deliver the closets. Pastor Pacheco has also started repairing a home someone donated to turn into a community outreach center. But it needs doors, windows, electrical wires, a roof-all the things gangs stripped from the building. Let's help him make that dream a reality!

Pastor Pacheco helps organize outdoor events to help take back the 
streets of Rivera Hern├índez in Honduras.

Pastor Pacheco employs neighborhood youth to make wood closets.

See Sonia Speak at a University, Conference or High School Near You

In the past year, some of the biggest universities in the U.S.--Michigan State, Missouri State, Georgia State--have chosen Enrique's Journey as their freshman or common read. All incoming students read and discuss the book. I'd love to see you at an event if it's near you. 


Nebraska Governor's Lecture in Lincoln, NE 

Mullen High School in Denver, CO

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