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Election Tuesday: Nov. 5, 2013   

Greetings to all our Sonics Family. We hope you're having a fantastic Fall season.     

Two words: Percy Harvin. Time to show the nation what Seattle really came to do this year.


With that same enthusiasm level, we want to take this opportunity to remind you to send in your General Election ballot by Tuesday, November 5. Washington is all mail-in now, so voters have a better opportunity to influence the process now than ever before! 


In non-presidential election years, voter turnout is usually low enough that the political establishment can just throw money at their candidates and purchase elections. Let's show them we have a real voice and won't be disenfranchised. Everyone should participate in the process, get informed on all the candidates and vote using your own best judgment.     


The info below is a resource that represents our official Sonicsgate opinions endorsements. Here's a quick cheat sheet: Sonicsgate supports Mike McGinn for Seattle Mayor, Dow Constantine for King County Executive, Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council Position 2, Mike O'Brien for Seattle City Council Position 8. 


Regardless of your political leanings, be sure to participate and send in your ballot no later than Tuesday, November 5!


Sports and Music Event for McGinn  

at 95 Slide on Nov. 1  

Sonicsgate endorsed Mike McGinn for re-election back in primary season. There's just no question he's the best candidate for Sonics fans who want to bring the NBA back to Seattle. He successfully did what once seemed impossible when he brokered the revolutionary SoDo arena deal and led its passage through the Seattle City Council and King County Council.

Our interactions with Mayor McGinn throughout his first term have been a refreshing reminder of how he governs by the people, for the people. He listens to concerns around the community, and he has led Seattle on its way to become a top tier city in many respects.

Join us for a Sports & Music for McGinn Rally on November 1 at 95 Slide: 
Friday, November 1 at 9:00 P.M.
95 Slide on Capitol Hill (722 E. Pike St.)
Co-hosts include Kevin Calabro, Shawn Kemp, Slick Watts and many more from the local sports and music community 
Register Here:

Get on that magic carpet ride and slam dunk your ballots home with the Reign Man and the Voice of the Sonics...

McGinn's opponent Ed Murray said in the KCTS 9 Mayoral debate that he supports the arena MOU (about 29 mins into the program), but he then immediately repeats some of the Port's old, refuted opposition talking points that put his true stance into question. 

Murray also received the endorsement of mayoral primary loser Peter Steinbruck, who is a paid consultant of the Port and the single most vocal opponent of the SoDo arena deal. (Remember that last year Steinbrueck opposed the arena after the Port of Seattle paid him $40,000 to take this stance. He was then dishonest about this compensated consultancy, stating that he testified against the arena as a "concerned citizen" when email discovery showed he was in fact on the Port's payroll before this testimony date).

Ed, nothing personal, but this is a slam dunk choice for the voters. #McGinnForTheWin   

 Sonicsgate endorses  

Kshama Sawant for City Council 

Yesterday, Team Sonicsgate announced our official endorsement of Kshama Sawant for Seattle City Council Position 2. Sawant is running against 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin.

Councilman Richard Conlin has alienated many local constituencies, especially Sonics fans. He was Seattle City Council President when its members unanimously approved the $45 million settlement agreement that let the Sonics out of the team's lease at KeyArena in 2008, officially sending Seattle's iconic NBA franchise off to Oklahoma City.

Conlin missed a shot at redemption last year when he vocally opposed the SoDo arena deal and wrote an editorial letter attempting to justify his stubborn anti-arena position. Conlin has also taken shameful policy cues from wealthy special interest donors, even using city resources to sue a group of grassroots activists and being the only council member to vote against paid sick leave.

Running as a Socialist Alternative candidate, Sawant is a fresh, third-party voice that would begin to crack the two-party system's stranglehold on American government. Sonicsgate identifies with the grassroots nature of the Sawant campaign, which has cultivated an open dialogue with citizens by running as a voice of the people and taking zero campaign donations from corporations. The SoDo arena is not a priority issue for the Sawant campaign, but she shares in our outrage that Seattle was robbed of the Sonics by powerful, corrupt forces and that many local politicians, including Conlin, own a piece of the blame.

The Sawant campaign has met directly with the Sonicsgate team, and we will continue an open dialogue with her on this issue. We have communicated the details of the arena MOU, emphasizing how the this arena plan uses a revolutionary, self-contained funding model that has zero corporate welfare and eliminates public risk. Unlike past arena proposals, this one uses private investment to benefit the city with needed public infrastructure, creating jobs, tourism and cultural icons in the process.

We believe Seattle's citizens will have a real voice in the Sawant administration. Living wage jobs and the enjoyment of sports are both rights our community should enjoy.

Unfortunately, we know exactly where Richard Conlin stands in his unreasonable opposition to the SoDo arena MOU. Conlin needs to be removed from office for his numerous actions against Sonics fans and his dismissive, closed minded method of governing. We must send the message that entrenched politicians aren't untouchable when they go against common sense and the will of the people. It's time for a new voice to represent the people. 

If you're still unsure, watch this Seattle Channel debate and decide which of these candidates you want representing our city. 

Sonicsgate joins a roster of labor leaders, artists and community activists to endorse Kshama Sawant, including writer Dan Savage, The Stranger newspaper, Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, RA Scion of Common Market and Geologic of Blue Scholars.

"Candidates who are accessible to the public like Mike McGinn and Kshama Sawant don't appear on our ballots often, or enough. It's almost as rare as seeing either of their opponents in the Southend, where I've lived for 12 years. I, and most people I know, would rather have someone in office who we may not agree with on all the issues but who'll listen to us than someone who talks a good game but isn't accessible, as most of the local politicians who have come before these two have proven to be." - Geologic of Blue Scholars 

Tweet @Sonicsgate using the hashtag #ConlinIsGonelin to show support for electing Sawant and removing Conlin from office. Find out more about her campaign at

Dow Constantine and Mike O'Brien

Sonicsgate strongly endorsed incumbent Dow Constantine during the primary campaign. Dow is the captain that makes everyone else on the team elevate, execute and play better. He's achieved a lot of great things for this region by listening to the voters, including his strong leadership role in brokering the SoDo arena deal. Dow always has our vote, and we expect him to defeat his opponent.

Sonicsgate strongly endorsed City Councilman Mike O'Brien during the primary campaign. O'Brien has been a strong supporter of the SoDo arena and an inspiring leader for the future of this city.

P.S. While we'd love to actively oppose Nick Licata for Seattle City Council since he and Conlin were the only two members to vote against the SoDo arena deal, Licata's opponent isn't expected to be a legitimate challenger. So instead, we encourage everyone to write in "Shawn Kemp" for Seattle City Council Position 6.

Fill out your ballot this weekend while it's fresh in your mind, and we'll see you in November! 

Tweet us your Sonics themed  

Halloween costumes  

If you don't vote, the future will be a scary place...

Tweet your Sonics themed Halloween Costumes to @Sonicsgate next week using the hashtag #ZombieSonics. We'll RT the best ones and send a Sonicsgate Swag Bag to one frightening winner. Sonics fans never die!  
If you can't make it to 95 Slide on November 1, be sure to put your ballot in the mail or drop it off in person at one of the King County Ballot Collection Stations by Tuesday, November 5.      
Seattle is primed for an exciting future if we keep our strong leaders in office. Let's restore our basketball legacy and Bring Back Our Seattle SuperSonics! Thank you for your support.


Team Sonicsgate

Jason Reid, Adam Brown, Colin Baxter, Colin White, Darren Lund

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